New Label Design for Jigsaw Magnesium w/SRT (aka. "Mag SRT")

A few days ago, we began shipping  Jigsaw Magnesium w/SRT® (aka "Mag SRT") with a fancy new label! :)

We made this change for a number of reasons:

First, we realized that many people refer to this product by it's nickname. And why not? It's easier!

Same thing happened to Federal Express years ago. They embraced the Fedex nickname, and that seems to be working out pretty well for them. ;-)

Second, we wanted to prominently feature several aspects about the product right on the front of the label: SRT = Sustained Release Technology for longer lasting impact; 8 hours; 3rd party badges, etc. 

Third, we are known as the "The Magnesium People." And Mag SRT is our top-rated, best-seller. 

But we also happen to offer some great non-Magnesium products, such as  Activated B w/SRT5-HTP w/SRT, etc.

Here's the problem: because of the similarity in the label design and the names, any time we featured a non-Magnesium product, a few dozen customers would order that thinking they were ordering Mag SRT. Whoops!

Changing Mag SRT to this new, distinct label design that other Jigsaw Health products won't be getting was done to prevent future mistakes.

Finally, nothing about the formula has changed -- same great Mag SRT you've been taking for years and years! :)

PS - There are two other important label changes worth noting, one is awesome, the other really sucks:

Let's start with the bad news: a CA Prop 65 Warning has been added due to inorganic arsenic levels over what the threshold of what State of California considers safe. But before you freak out, read  Jigsaw's Prop 65 Statement as this is a very nuanced, burdensome, and IMO useless regulatory issue that the people of California all but completely ignore now.

Next, the good news: Mag SRT (and  Jigsaw Electrolyte Supreme) are now NSF Certified for Sport®, which means athletes (NCAA, MLB, NFL, NHL, NBA, Olympians, etc.) can be assured what is on the label is in the bottle and it is free of banned substances

This is an expensive testing and screen process done by a 3rd party lab, and it happens for every batch/lot we produce. Learn more about  Jigsaw getting NSF Certified for Sport.

We do this so you can feel confident that we are taking all the steps we possibly can take to keep our products safe and effective.

Any questions or thoughts, please me know in the Comments section. Thx!

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