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I am thrilled to announce a major accomplishment: two of Jigsaw's most popular products --  Jigsaw Magnesium w/SRT® and Jigsaw Electrolyte Supreme™ -- are now NSF Certified for Sport®

This means athletes of all stripes (NCAA, MLB, NFL, NHL, NBA, Olympians, etc.) can be assured what is on the label is in the bottle and it's free of banned substances.

This thorough testing and screening process is done by NSF to certify every batch!

Natalie Ochoa, Jigsaw's Quality Control Manager discussed the significance of this accomplishment with  Thomas DeLauer (aka. "Mr. Mineral"), a member of Jigsaw's Business & Scientific Advisory Board.

"Which Jigsaw Products Are NSF Certified For Sport?"

Because of the cost of the NSF Certified for Sport program, we've decided to start by certifying our two most popular products:  Jigsaw Magnesium w/SRT® and Jigsaw Electrolyte Supreme™

But the truth is, we've been using independent, 3rd party labs to test for purity and potency for years. In fact, "Trust, But Verify" is one of the most important steps in our 5 Step Quality Control Process (watch video).

NSF Certification uses similar testing methodologies, but puts their own brand reputation on the line for every company that they certify. Therefore, the cost to join this program is rather expensive.

We will monitor the feedback and growth of these two products, and determine at a later time whether or not to enroll more Jigsaw Health products in the NSF Certified for Sport program.

In the meantime, you should take comfort in the fact that we already post the lab results for each lot of each product. (And we strongly encourage other dietary supplement companies to do the same in the hopes of bringing more transparency and trust to our industry.)

Any questions or thoughts, please let me know in the Comments section. Thx!

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