What makes Jigsaw Pureway-C® + Lysine different? | #AshWednesday

Jigsaw's Quality Control Manager, Natalie Ochoa, talks with Ashley Leroux about what makes the new Jigsaw Pureway-C® + Lysine so special:

1) Lipid Metabolites are shown clinically to improve absorption

2) Citrus Bioflavinoids improve antioxidant activity

3) Lysine boosts immune function

Available for purchase: Jigsaw Pureway-C + Lysine

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- Hi, everybody, I'm Ashley with Jigsaw Health and I'm here with Natalie Ochoa, our amazing quality control manager.

- Thank you.

- And we are excited today to announce a brand new Vitamin C product. Natalie, tell us a little bit about this special formula.

- Sure, so it's our Jigsaw Pureway-C + Lysine. And we're really excited about it because we're actually using a clinically-proven form of Vitamin C.

- Clinically-proven, I like the sound of that. Tell us a little bit more about--

- Well, there's more. So there's three reasons why this product is gonna blow your mind. The first is gonna be the form that's clinically proven. And that combines ascorbic acid with different types of lipid metabolites.

- Lipid me-what?

-Lipid metabolites. So lipid metabolites are fats derived from vegetable sources, and what they do is they act as carriers of the ascorbic acid so that it can get through the intestinal wall. And what that does is it increases the absorption, and then it's more highly retained in the cells by 233% as compared to other ascorbates and other forms of Vitamin C out there.

- Okay, so the best of the best.

- Yeah, exactly.

- And what's that second thing?

- So the second thing is that we also add citrus bioflavonoids in it, and what that does, I know, it's another tricky word, bioflavonoids. But what it does is it greatly increases the antioxidant properties of the Vitamin C, so it really enhances what you really want Vitamin C to do.

- Absolutely, and the third thing?

- The third thing is we add a hundred milligrams of lysine in it. The lysine is an amino acid, so it's great for protein building, but what it also does is it greatly enhances immune function. So, again, it's like all those things mixed together, you're getting a really good immune-supporting Vitamin C formula.

- Which is a big reason why a lot of people wanna take as much Vitamin C as they can, right?

- Yeah, exactly.

- So you got a superpower Vitamin C right here. It's available on the website, so check it out. And we'll see you next week. Hey, guys, thanks so much for tuning in to this video. If you like it, please share it and we'll see you next week.

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