What are people saying about Jigsaw Brain Boost?

Brain Boost™ by Jigsaw Health is a Magnesium L-Threonate, which utilizes Magtein® that is specifically designed to support brain health.*

Jigsaw Brain Boost helps promote:

  • Healthy short & long-term memory*
  • Cognitive function*
  • Learning abilities*

Here's what some of our happy customers are saying about their experience with Jigsaw Brain Boost:

"Truthfully this stuff is amazing! I have never realized just how groggy I was until I started taking this stuff. The majority of my job is multitasking and with this, I can always remember everything I have to do, I feel so much more awake and more aware of everything. Truly is life-changing. :)" -Ayla

"I’ve been taking this since it first came out, and I notice that when I take it, I’m more productive at work. I think it just gives me that oomph that my brain needs to focus on. I do use it with a lot of our other products, but I notice a difference when I don’t take it." - Carissa

"I have finished my first bottle and I could really tell a difference. I have found nothing but positive results by taking brain boost in the morning, Mag SRT at noon, and Mag Soothe in the evenings. These are the best magnesium supplements on the market!" - Clint

Jigsaw Brain Boost contains 144mg of elemental Magnesium that is quickly released into the bloodstream to fuel your brain.*

Since your body requires a minimum of 400mg of Magnesium per day, we recommend using the Jigsaw Brain Boost™ in conjunction with our top-rated MagSRT® to give your body an ample supply of magnesium while fueling your brain with this targeted formula.*

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