The Calcium-Magnesium Balancing Act | #AshWednesday

Ashley and Natalie Ochoa, Jigsaw's Quality Control Manager & Certified Health Coach, discuss how Calcium and Magnesium work in the body on the latest #AshWednesday.

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-Hi everybody, I'm Ashley and this is Natalie with Jigsaw Health, and today we're going to talk about the relationship between calcium and magnesium.

-Right.  So, the best way to understand how they both work is to picture a muscle.  When the muscle contracts, that's calcium working.  When the muscle relaxes, that's magnesium working.  Calcium hardens, magnesium relaxes.

-Oh, OK.  So, they need each other.


-So when our viewers out there are feeling some muscle tension maybe in their shoulders or their back, um, is that a sign of maybe they're not getting enough magnesium?

-Yeah, exactly.  One of the best ways to tell if you're not getting enough magnesium is if you have muscle tension, maybe you get some muscle spasms, some twitches, even like eye twitches.  That is a surefire sign that you might need some more magnesium.

-What are some of the best ways our viewers can replenish their magnesium levels?

-Well, number one, MagSRT.  Uh, It's super easy, effective, two in the morning, two at night, that gets you 500 mg.  But really one of the little secrets you can do is get some of the magnesium lotion, which we have.  It's Ancient Minerals.  Keep it at your desk at work, keep it on your bed stand at night.  Directly rub it wherever you're having the tension, and it's a nice quick relief.

-It works like a charm.

-It really does.

-I absolutely love this stuff.

-That's why people use it for massages all the time.

-So check out to see all the magnesium products we that we offer, and get yours today.  Thanks so much, and we'll see you next time.

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