New Program To Build Trust: Label Claim Verified

I am pleased to announce our new "Label Claim Verified" program. 

This allows anyone to see the third party lab results for every Jigsaw Health product, including any traces of heavy metals.

To view individual results, visit each product page and click on the "Label Claim Verified" logo. 

(For example, here's the lab results (PDF) of the most recent batch of our top-rated, best-selling Jigsaw Mangesium w/SRT®.)

This is not common practice. 

I'm actually not aware of a single dietary supplement company that exposes this much data. 

(Though there must be someone else out there doing this, right?)

My hope is that this tactic will be embraced industry-wide, and soon!


Millions of people every day have great results using dietary supplements.

BUT... there's an "earthquake" of a story once or twice a year that gives the entire industry a black eye. (Spiking "gas station" pills with viagra; Ginko Biloba supplement found to not contain any ginko biloba, etc.)

And I don't like feeling like I'm in a "shady, unregulated" industry.

Candidly, Jigsaw is a relatively small fish in this big "dietary supplement" pond.

But I felt like publishing this data was an important step that we could take to show leadership-by-example for our industry, in an effort to improve the industry's reputation.

As such, I encourage other dietary supplement makers to begin publishing their lab data as well. ("A rising sea floats all boats" philosophy.)

Is it expensive? Yes. Third party lab testing does add cost.

HOWEVER, "Test Potency of Finished Product" should already be one of the steps in your Good Manufacturing Process / Quality Assurance program.

So if you're already doing it, why not release the data?

(And, of course, if a lot doesn't meet requirements, it shouldn't be released from quarantine anyways. Therefore, every batch of every product you sell will logically be Label Claim Verified -- so go ahead and brag to your customers.)

Will some unscrupulous actors lie about their data? 

Well, of course they will. 

They're already out there lying about other things.

And it's pretty darn easy to fabricate a lab report.

And that's why Jigsaw chose to go even further with two of our products (Mag SRT & Electrolyte Supreme) and get independent certification of the results -- The NSF Certified for Sport® program.

This is a very expensive program -- about 10x the cost of typical lab services. 

But it's something we felt was worth it to do for our top-sellers.

PS - In related news, did you see the recent #AshWednesday video, "Jigsaw's 5 Step Quality Control Process"

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