Is Malic Acid still in the Jigsaw Magnesium w/SRT formula?

Since updating the label design of our best-selling, top-rated Jigsaw Magnesium w/SRT® (aka. “Mag SRT”) last month, we’ve had a lot of customers calling to ask, “Hey!! Why did you take Malic Acid out of the formula?”

Have no fear: Malic Acid is still in there, it’s just not listed in the Supplement Facts panel.

"Why did you take Malic Acid off of the Supplement Facts panel?"

When we first started the NSF Certified for Sport process, we realized that NSF charges to test / certify every single ingredient listed on the Supplement Facts panel. And they test every batch.

Because the FDA doesn’t require Malic Acid to be listed on the Supplement Facts panel, we decided to save cost now (and in the future) by removing it from the label.

Candidly, we had no idea that our customers would react so strongly to the perception that it had been removed.  

But trying to remove Malic Acid from Mag SRT would be like trying to remove Oxygen from H2O, but still calling it water.

Here's why...

Since Mag SRT was first introduced, we’ve always used Magnesium as “Dimagnesium Malate”, exclusively from Albion Labs in Utah.

Dimagnesium Malate is a chemical compound: two molecules of Magnesium attached to one molecule of Malic Acid.

So chemically speaking, the only way to remove Malic Acid from Mag SRT would have been to switch to a different type of Magnesium.

And there's absolutely no reason to do that because Dimagnesium Malate works great for our customers.

So have no fear. The new label contains the same exact formula you've been counting on for years.

But since not everyone will get a chance to read this explanation, I think the next time we print labels, we're going to add Malic Acid back on the label, but place it in the “Other Ingredients” section, ingredients NSF doesn't test the potency of.

"How much Malic Acid per tablet?"

In case you're wondering, there's approximately 387mg of Malic Acid per tablet of Mag SRT, or 1550mg per serving (4 tablets).

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