Exciting changes coming to JigsawHealth.com!

Update on Friday May 22

If you're wondering if the "please re-activate your account" email was from us, yes, it was us.  It's not a "phishing" email, it's a real email.  Please click on the green "Activate your account" in the email you received.

Original Post from Wednesday May 13th

Dear Jigsaw Health Customers,

Hi, I’m Patrick Sullivan Jr., CEO & Co-founder of Jigsaw Health. My team and I are delighted to announce that we’ll be rolling out a newly redesigned website next week on May 20th. It has a number of new features that I hope you’re going to love.

New Features

1. Subscribe & save time

Going through the process of manually re-ordering only takes a couple of minutes today on our current website platform. But even when you know you need to re-order, it’s still easy to forget to do it. (And if you’re out of nutritional supplements long enough, your body is going to start pestering you to get that chore done.)

So what if you didn’t have to remember to do it? “Set it and forget it!” Time is money, and I want to save you some time with our new “Subscribe & save time” feature. (I actually want to save you money as well... more on that in a moment.)

With the new website, you’ll be able to set up “auto-ship” subscriptions for your favorite Jigsaw products. And with the new online portal, you can edit or cancel your subscription at any time. No commitment required.

As Forrest Gump once said, “Well, that’s one less thing to worry about.”

(Update as of Tue May 26 at 2pm... This feature is not yet fully functional, so it's not available quite yet.  Thanks for your patience as we iron out the kinks.)

2. Mix-Match-n-Save

On our current website, we’ve always had the ability to buy-more-and-save, but it was on a per product basis only. For example, you had to buy 3+ bottles of Jigsaw MagSRT® to unlock the savings, and you had to buy 3+ jars of Jigsaw MagSoothe™ to unlock those savings. It’s been an annoying limitation.

With the new website, when you add 3 or 4 items to your cart, you’ll save 10%; when you add 5 or more, you’ll save 15% -- and those savings apply to your entire order. (Some minor restrictions will apply.)


When is this change happening?

Our goal is to “flip the switch” on Wednesday, May 20th, mid-morning. You’ll see a “site down for maintenance” message while we’re making the changes. Hopefully it will take less than an hour.

Can I use my existing user account to access my order history on the new website?

Yes, your customer account and order history has been migrated to the new platform. But you’ll need to create a new password. We’ll provide separate instructions for that process after we go live with the new website.

Are these new Mix-Match-n-Save discounts the same as the current bulk discounts?

Yes and No. Because our current website has been set up for per-product based discounts, each product has had a different bulk discount rate. For example, Jigsaw MagSRT® is Buy 3-5 items and save 17%; buy 6+ and save 25%. Meanwhile, Jigsaw Ultimate™ is Buy 3-5 and save 8%; buy 6+ and save 14%.

So we decided to even out the discounts across the board -- buy 3 or 4 items, save 10%; Buy 5 or more, save 15%. So for some products, the discount will be a little less... for other products, the discount will be a little more.

As a side note, I’ll also mention that the current discount rates were last set in 2017, three years ago. Meanwhile, our cost to produce premium products continues to increase over time. So we were actually overdue for a pricing adjustment.

I’m hopeful that with the new Mix-Match-n-Save feature, customers will enjoy savings as they try new products they haven’t tried before.

What are the “minor restrictions” for Mix-Match-n-Save?

In the past year, we’ve begun to offer sample packs of certain products, such as 7-pack of Jigsaw MagSoothe® packets for $7. We intend to create similar sample packs for Jigsaw Electrolyte Supreme™. But these low-cost sample packs will not count towards the Mix-Match-n-Save discount.

Is your Shipping Policy staying the same?

Yes. Jigsaw’s “Free Shipping” policy will remain the same on the new website. As a recap, here it is: FREE shipping on U.S. orders over $89! (excludes HI & AK); if less than $89, flat rate of $7.97 for standard shipping (2-5 day delivery). We will also continue to offer expedited domestic options, and international shipping options, during checkout using our negotiated, discounted rates from Fedex & USPS. (We pass along the savings we get from them to you.)

By the way, during this project, we calculated that 57% of our shipments within the Continental US are delivered within 1 or 2 days! Wow, that’s fast! We don’t outsource this part of the process -- we do all of our own fulfillment ourselves from sunny Scottsdale, Arizona -- KUDOS to our mighty Warehouse Warriors!

Can I subscribe & save time for all products on the new website?

Almost. On the existing website, we offer several “bundles” such as the Ultimate Magnesium Bundle, the RCP Phase 1 Kit, etc. We call these bundles “ghost products” -- they aren’t pre-assembled, they are assembled on demand when customers order them.

However, with the new website, we’ll be using a custom bundles feature where you, the customer, can modify the items in the bundle.

For instance, let’s say you need to reorder the RCP Phase 1 Kit, but you still have plenty of Aussie Trace Minerals. With the new website, you’ll click “Add To Cart” to add all of the individual items to your cart, and then you can remove and change quantity in the Cart, right before Checkout.

This feature is going to be very useful, especially for returning customers. But one downside of this new custom feature is that it doesn’t yet “play nicely” with our Subscribe & save time feature. It was a trade-off we had to live with.

Second, because bundles can now be configured by you, the total price is based on the Mix-Match-n-Save discount rules rather than the fixed bundle price that we set today.

For example, the RCP Phase 1 Kit currently contains 7 different items. Those items purchased individually would cost $229.79, and today, we sell the bundle at a discounted price of $199.97.

With the new website, these 7 items qualify for a 15% Mix-Match-n-Save discount, so the new price of this bundle will be $195.32. (Here’s the math: $229.79 * 15% discount = $34.47 in savings. $229.79 - $34.47 = $195.32)

What’s the new eCommerce platform you're migrating to?

For all my tech geek friends out there who are curious, we’re switching from BigCommerce to Shopify Plus.

Any other changes?

When we roll out the new website, you’ll notice that we put a fresh coat of paint on everything -- our creative team is so talented, and they’ve made the new site absolutely gorgeous. I can’t wait for you to see it! :)

The second change is more structural in nature -- on the existing website, every single one of our products has to have their own individual page. So Jigsaw MagSoothe™ Jars has a page, and Jigsaw MagSoothe™ Packets also has a page, even though it’s the exact same product in different packaging.

With the new website, we’re able to use a new “variants” feature, so Jigsaw MagSoothe™ jars and packets are listed on the same page together. Moving forward, this will make all sorts of things easier for us and for you.

Closing Thoughts

I really am proud of Team Jigsaw for accomplishing this massive project in only 7 weeks. Candidly, we had been discussing the pros and cons of redesigning / re-platforming our website for a long time, but there was never a good time to schedule the project.

Once the COVID-19 quarantine began, I realized we weren’t going to be traveling to pickleball tournaments or healthcare conventions or anywhere else for awhile, so we decided to focus and get it done. Our mantra was this: “While the world is panicking, we’re going to build.”

I hope you like the new website as much as we do… I’m sure there will be some “rough edges” that need polishing. If you encounter a bug or any other issues, our Customer Happiness Team is standing by to assist. Please use Live Chat, call us at 1-888-352-5050, or email help@jigsawhealth.com and we’ll do our best to make things right for you.

Wishing you wellness!

Patrick Sullivan Jr.
CEO & Co-founder of Jigsaw Health

PS - There’s no action that you need to take right now to prepare for this change. You’ll receive another email next week when the new website is live, and if you have a customer account on our existing website, you’ll be prompted to reset your password for the new website.

UPDATE 1: As of Wednesday May 20th at 4:30pm, we were nearly ready to flip the switch on the new website, but we decided to wait one more day -- better flip it during day time hours when our brains are fresh and we have Customer Happiness Team ready to back us up.  Stay tuned... :)

UPDATE 2: As of Thursday May 21 at 6:30pm, we're now live on the Shopify eCommerce platform. Subscription is not yet available because there were still a few kinks to work out. 

But Mix-Match-n-Save is now available -- we made this #FunnyFriday video to celebrate!  ;-)

Yes, there are still a number of rough edges to buff out over the coming week. But I'm extremely proud of what the team has accomplished!  Here's a screenshot of our old home page to file away in the memory banks... 

USA shipping map


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