Berry-Licious Electrolyte Supreme™ The Origin Story | #AshWednesday

Ashley & Natalie discuss the backstory for Jigsaw's New Electrolyte Supreme™ Flavor: Berry-Licious.

Stay Hydrated this summer with Jigsaw Health's Berry-Licious Electrolyte Supreme™. 

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- Hello everybody, I am Ashley with Jigsaw Health, and I am here with Natalie Ochoa once again. And I know you all enjoyed her star role in the last week's "Funny Friday Berry-Licious" video.

- Oh, we might start singing right now.

- I don't know I might have to do that at the end of the video.

- Maybe we just roll a clip.

- Okay good idea.

♫ I don't think you're

ready for Fish jelly.

♫ I don't think you're

ready for Fish jelly.

♫ I don't think you're ready for this,

♫ My water's too

"Berry-Licious" for ya, babe.

- Wasn't that fantastic ya'll?

- Well we had a lot of fun making that. But anyways, in all seriousness this flavor came to us because the lemon-lime flavor, as you guys have probably tried, has been a huge huge huge hit. And I think people almost drank too much of it and started to get a little sick of it, so requests started coming in for different flavors.

So of course we listened, and we got in all kinds of different flavors. We tried orange, grape, passion fruit, but we landed on the berry. And it tastes real real good.

- Berry good.

- Yeah, berry good.


It's a little different than the lemon-lime because it's got a definitely more of a sweeter initial taste to it.

- Yeah, it's definitely comes off sweeter and less tart than the lemon-lime.

- Yeah. Which you would expect.

- Which is great for kids, by the way. So if your kids have tried the lemon-lime, but didn't like it because it was a little bit too tart, try the Berry-Licious. I know for one my two year old, he loves it. He calls it his "super water"

- He does. And it's a win-win for me as a parent because he's getting all this vitamin C and B vitamins and minerals and zero sugar.

So, replace the juice with this and win-win for all.

- Absolutely.

And of course it comes in the handy to-go packets.

Yep. And the canister, whichever you prefer.

So, order yours today on either or of course Amazon and enjoy.



♫ I don't think you're

ready for Fish jelly,

♫ I don't think you're

ready for Fish jelly,

♫ I don't think you're ready for this,

♫ My water's too

"Berry-Licious" for ya, babe.

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