A delicious way to get as much Potassium as 2 bananas…

Hi, this is Patrick Sullivan Jr., CEO & co-founder of Jigsaw Health, and I’m a Pickleball Addict…

More on that in a second, but first, our team is thrilled to share our latest product with you: Jigsaw Pickleball Cocktail™ -- a sugar-free, delicious orange-flavored electrolyte powder with as much Potassium as two bananas.  It also contains Dimagnesium Malate & Redmond’s Real Salt® to keep your muscles happy (especially for active folks).*

So you might be saying to yourself, “Pickle-what???”...  Yes, Pickleball is a real sport.  There are even Pickleball Professionals!

Pickleball is kind of like “tiny tennis”, and it’s absolutely addicting!  Which is why the most common thing heard on a Pickleball court -- besides laughter -- is, “Ok, I’ll play one more game.”  

My wife Ashley and I started playing Pickleball in 2018.  As we began playing more frequently, we kept hearing similar complaints from our fellow Pickleballers about getting muscle cramps…  And the thing is, there are actually 2 different types of muscle cramps… 

If you start cramping during physical activity, that’s a sign that your body is low in Potassium. If you cramp up after playing -- or get painful “charlie horses” in the middle of the night -- that's a sign your body is low in Magnesium.*

So, we set out to formulate the perfect “cocktail” to allow people to stay active without those agonizing cramps… And even though we named this product after our favorite sport, whether you play pickleball, compete in triathlons, golf 18+ holes a day -- or any other type of sport -- I think Jigsaw Pickleball Cocktail can help you stay in the game!

So when you know you’re going to have an active day, start your morning with Jigsaw Pickleball Cocktail™… Finally, a cocktail you should drink at 7 am. ;-)

PS - You can learn more about the wonderful sport of Pickleball here… 

Click here to buy 3 jars of Jigsaw Pickleball Cocktail and SAVE $23.49.

Here are a few other FAQs that people have asked us:

Will Jigsaw Pickleball Cocktail™ be available in individual on-the-go packets? 

Yes, the packets will be available by the end of July.  We'll make another announcement when these are in stock.

What’s the difference between Jigsaw Pickleball Cocktail™ and Jigsaw Electrolyte Supreme™?

Pickleball Cocktail and Electrolyte Supreme were designed to be complementary: Pickleball Cocktail is designed to be taken first thing in the morning to help prepare your muscles for an active day; Electrolyte Supreme should be used during the day for energy boosts.*

Pickleball Cocktail contains 800mg of Potassium -- nearly the equivalent of two bananas -- plus Magnesium, Sodium, and Chloride all of which help prevent muscle cramping during activity.  Meanwhile, Electrolyte Supreme contains Potassium, Magnesium, Sodium, and Chloride, plus Calcium, Zinc, Selenium, B vitamins and other nutrients for ongoing hydration and energy boosts throughout the day.* 

Should I keep using Jigsaw Adrenal Cocktail™ + Wholefood Vitamin C?

Jigsaw Adrenal Cocktail™ + Wholefood Vitamin C is a great formula to use, especially in times of high stress.   Adrenal Cocktail has about half as much Potassium as Pickleball Cocktail.  But it has nearly 5 times more Sodium, plus 400mg of Wholefood Vitamin C.  These ingredients are particularly useful for the adrenal glands which play a key role in managing stress, mood and energy by producing essential hormones like cortisol.  Healthy adrenal function is also crucial for immune health.*   

Click here to buy 3 jars of Jigsaw Pickleball Cocktail and SAVE $23.49.

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