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There are 2 Types of Leg Cramps, and They're Both Caused by Deficiencies

Have you ever woken up to a startling, searing pain in your leg? It feels like your calf has clenched up for dear life and won’t let go? What about when you’re working out? You’re enjoying a hike or spin class, and all of a sudden your leg protests and you have to stop?

Leg cramps are extremely common. In fact, more than half of all adults experience them. But did you know that the specific timing of when those cramps happen can tell you exactly what kind of mineral deficiency you have? This is good news because when you know what your body needs, you can respond with just the right solution.*

So what kind of cramps do you have, exactly?

It may not feel like a big difference when you cramp up while exercising vs. sleeping. Most people who find themselves in the throes of a leg cramp don’t usually have enough of their wits about them to analyze how it feels different from other cramps.*

Could you imagine? You’re curled up on the floor, knee tucked into your chest, your face looking like you’re being stabbed with a hot poker, and you’re making that familiar pained noise that sounds like a cross between a donkey and a high pitched monkey. And right at that moment you stop and wonder, “HOW does this cramp differ from the firestorm in my leg that woke me up at 2 am last night?”

No. That’s not a thing.

But we do know that there’s a distinct difference between the cramp you got at your last Pickleball match, and the cramp you got at 2 am while dreaming about your winning shot: one is caused by potassium deficiency, the other, magnesium.

Yes, our muscles scream at us when we deprive them of critical nutrients. In the case of the workout cramp, your body is craving potassium. And when your leg muscles take on a life of their own while you’re sleeping… that’s due to magnesium deficiency. BTW, more than half of all adults are magnesium deficient.*

There are some things you can do to help prevent BOTH types of cramps.

First, make sure you’re hydrating with electrolytes. Water simply isn’t enough for most active adults, even for those who get their 8-10 cups a day. That’s because water alone doesn’t deliver the potassium your body needs when your muscles are working overtime. If you regularly get cramps as a result of exercise, try adding electrolytes to your water a couple of times a day. Jigsaw’s Electrolyte Supreme has all of the good stuff you need -- potassium, B & C vitamins, Zinc -- and none of what you don’t: SUGAR. So you won’t have to deal with energy crashes and all the other problems that come with sugar consumption just to stay better hydrated.*

Using electrolytes even once a day could have a significant impact in terms of decreasing muscle cramps by “feeding” your body the potassium it craves.*

Second, introduce a calming form of magnesium into your nightly routine. Not only will it tell your legs to chill out, but it’ll also quiet your brain chatter. All of this means you can sleep better without jumpy, achy legs. When you give yourself the gift of enough sleep and give your muscles a real chance to recover, you’re able to bring your best to each day.*

Used in combination, electrolytes + nighttime magnesium are the perfect pair to keep your legs feeling relaxed and strong.*

We know that cramps are caused by mineral deficiencies. And we know that treating BOTH types of cramps is as easy as adding a couple of important minerals to your water each day.*

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