3 Exercises to Relieve Shoulder Pain

Shoulder Pain won't go away?

Try these 3 Simple Exercises (Plus a Bonus!) from Doctor Fitness to relieve Shoulder PainGENERAL DISCLAIMER: There is a possibility of physical injury when participating in any exercise program.

Transcript by Rev.com

- If I don't do this exercise for two weeks, I start to have shoulder pain. I put it back in, shoulder pain goes away.

- So what are the three exercises that we're going to focus on for the rotator cuff.

- We're gonna focus on the internal rotation, external rotation, and retraction of the shoulder blades.

- We're going to go old school with it and use these rubber bands, because not everyone has access to a gym, but anybody can get access to these. Take them wherever they want, on the road. So, what's exercise number one?

- We're gonna do internal rotations. Turn sideways and face me and bring across the abdomen, this way. This is gonna be easy for people who have a little bit of shoulder pain. Keep the elbow at the side.

- I was gonna say keeping the elbow at the side was really the key.

- Because initially, with you, this is what we did until we got the degree we're actually doing your arm up. Then you want to do external rotation. We should all be doing this exercise, particularly if you're active in sports or if you're lifting weights or doing any type of activity, particularly as you get older. I can tell you this, if I don't do this exercise for two weeks, I start to have shoulder pain. I put it back in, shoulder pain goes away. That simple.

- What's the third that we're gonna do?

- Third one's called retractions. Set your arms locked out. Squeeze your shoulder blades together. It's called retraction. And when you do retraction, you're actually working the rhomboid muscles, but at the same time, you're resetting the more powerful muscles, the pecs that are in front, the chest muscles. So when the arms come back, the chest muscles have to relax and everything sort of goes back in place. Then you have depression.

- Our bonus exercise for today.

- What you want to do is you want to put the emphasis on pushing the shoulder blades down to the floor. Down to the floor. Down to the floor. Down to the floor. When you're doing these muscles fibers are relaxing thinks you're feeling the flow.

- Yeah, wow.

- Again, 10-15 reps, two to three sets.

- That's good.

- Those are the four best exercises you can do for the shoulders.

- Guys, you can connect with Lance at DoctorFitnessAZ.com. Also, his radio show runs on Saturday morning, 8:00 AM to 9:00 AM, here locally in Phoenix, on 550 KFYI, and streaming across the internet on iHeartRadio. So look it up. It's the Doctor Fitness show.

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