What is NSF Certified for Sport? | #AshWednesday

Thomas DeLauer and Ashley discuss the National Science Foundation (NSF) and why Jigsaw MagSRT has the "NSF Certified for Sport" label on the latest #AshWednesday

What's on the label, is in the bottle... and nothing else!

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- Don't drink the water in Mexico. It's pretty common knowledge. But here in America, we tend to take it for granted that there's safe drinking water readily available. And I think it's because the NSF people are really looking out for us. I'm Ashley with Jigsaw Health and I'm here with Thomas DeLauer to talk about NSF Certified for Sport, what it really means, and why Jigsaw Health has gone the extra mile to make sure that Mag SRT is NSF Certified for Sport.

- Totally. Now let's circle back to the water for just a second. Alright, I want you to run over to your kitchen sink as soon as this video's done, look under the cabinet and look at your water purification system. Chances are it says NSF on it, probably has a little stamp on it. Well that stands for the National Science Foundation, organization that was founded back in 1944. And the whole purpose of them is to really certify that what is being said is in something, is truly what's in it.

- And nothing else.

- Exactly, yeah. So absolutely pure and true with what is on the label or what is being said is in something. And that's the whole premise behind when we're talking about supplements as well.

- Yeah, so NSF Certified for Sport is an independent third-party testing that the NSF does specifically for supplements, and that's, I think, that is the reason why professional athletes when they go out in search of a dietary supplement, they look specifically for ones that have the NSF mark on them.

- That's dead-on and I'm gonna give a perfect example. So, for example I just got recruited by the Boston Celtics as their new center and what they have been telling me is that there's a list of banned substances that I have to make sure I avoid. Well if I'm gonna take an ordinary supplement, there's a good chance that I won't know what is really in it and it may contain a banned substance, which means that I could get kicked off the court.

- Before he ever really gets recruited. So, these guys have to be super-careful about what they're putting in their bodies because their career is on the line. But everyone should be super-careful and that's why here at Jigsaw Health, we say, if it's good enough for Michael Phelps, it's good enough for you too.

- I've gotta get to practice.

- We'll see you next time. Hey guys, thanks so much for tuning in to this video. If you like it, please share it, and we'll see you next week.

In celebration of becoming NSF Certified for Sport, we're getting real sportsy at the office...

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