What Daily Supplements Are Right For You?

Everyone has a different approach to taking vitamins and nutritional supplements. Some of us have been taking the same daily mix of supplements for years, some of us take different kinds in spurts, and some of us have only just started exploring supplements in response to the recent global health crisis.

No matter how you approach taking daily nutrients, you’re probably wondering the same things as every person who’s gone down this path. What nutritional supplements are right for me? How many should I take, and how often? Is there a best time of day to take them?

We’ve thought a lot about these questions too, and consulted with many nutritional scientists in search of answers. Our conversations have helped us create three daily nutritional packets that meet the needs of just about everyone.

One thing we haven’t created is a single multivitamin. This might seem strange, as many of us have been taught that a daily multi is kind of like “an apple a day…” But, the truth is, there's simply no once-a-day multivitamin that can support your body's needs. If there was, it would be the size of a quarter in order to include everything your body needs inadequate doses. Bleh.

That’s why we created Jigsaw Essential Daily Packets in three different variations; Jigsaw Basic™, Jigsaw Complete™, and Jigsaw Ultimate™. All three options include a varying level of vitamins and nutrients in convenient, on-the-go, packets. You can see a comparison chart here to see what’s included in each.

Which Daily Packet is Right For You?

Jigsaw Basic is for folks who want to make sure they’re hitting the baseline of nutrients that will help them feel great, but only want to take supplements once a day.*

Jigsaw Complete is more robust. It meets all the essential needs most people have -- including immune support -- and has both a morning and night packet. Jigsaw Complete is a great choice for those making a concerted effort to maintain their health on multiple fronts.*

Jigsaw Ultimate includes everything in Jigsaw Complete, as well as Curcumin and COQ10, plus extra Pureway-C. This product is designed to cover all the essentials, with an emphasis on supporting healthy aging and brain function. This packet is great for those who are looking to overcome imbalances and find more energy.*

No matter what daily packet is right for you, the important thing is that you’re considering supplements to help you feel your best. Whether your goal is a stronger immune system, more energy, or getting to the root cause of an imbalance in your body, taking a daily mix of nutritional supplements can be one of the most effective steps you take.*

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