Should you take Antioxidants in the Morning? | #ScienceSaturday

Thomas DeLauer & Dr. Decker Weiss discuss whether or not you should consume Antioxidants first thing in the morning. Always remember to listen to your body.

Thomas & Dr. Decker are both members of Jigsaw's Business & Scientific Advisory Board.

Video Transcript (created by

- Hey Jigsaw crew, it's Thomas DeLauer and I am here with Dr. Decker Weiss, cardiologist and naturopathic physician, and today we're talking about something pretty shocking because, I for one always thought that we should be starting our day with high antioxidant rich foods that are gonna help us feel a lot better and help us get rid of that reactive oxygen species, but you're here to talk about some interesting new science that's saying that maybe those blueberries, maybe those antioxidant rich foods aren't the way to start the day.

- Yeah, and the science comes from research, but it also comes from the way my patients feel, a lot of them, if they wake up and they have just a bowl of berries or something like that, they feel tired, now, I'd always think maybe it's not enough protein, right? That's what you're thinking, but, basically in the morning, we really don't need to crunch free radicals like ROSs, the oxygen species and that, we need to build things, we need to build sex hormones, we need to build neurotransmitters, and guess what the intermediate part of those products are, those are our free radicals, so, we are eating these berries and we're taking our CNE, but we're actually blocking the formation of things like norepinephrine, and epinephrine, and even serotonin and things that we need to get through our day, and then by noon we're tired and we can't recover. So we've changed a lot of it, this also has to do with the breakthrough mitochondrial DNAs, and all of that stuff that we're looking at, most of my patients now we'll shift them to noon or later for antioxidant rich food or for their antioxidant supplementation.

- So, are you suggesting that everyone should really stop taking antioxidants in the morning?

- I think everybody should experiment immediately and start taking them instead of the morning and at noon, and those noon doses are hard, I know that, but sometimes you just have to do things that are a little harder for your body, but I think everybody should consider moving them from morning to noon, because what ends up happening? We end up buying things like tyrosine and stuff to, branched-chain amino acids, to start making more neurotransmitters, but we're taking antioxidants that are swallowing them, so yes, I do think, categorically, we should start shifting our antioxidants to noon or later and see how you feel.

- Gotcha, so there you have it, at the end of the day, you have to listen to your body, you have to experiment a little bit on yourself because, really, you only know you, so ladies and gentlemen, Dr. Decker Weiss, thank you for staying tuned in with Jigsaw Health.

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