Scottsdale Magnesium Study - Published in JACN


Scottsdale Magnesium Study Demonstrates Clinical Effectiveness of the Time-Release Magnesium Supplement MagSRT                   Reduced Magnesium Deficiency Symptoms by 63%

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. February 28, 2018 A recent clinical study published in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition demonstrated improved absorption, cellular uptake and reduction of Magnesium deficiency symptoms for the time-release Magnesium supplement MagSRT™. The Scottsdale Magnesium Study showed an improvement of 22 percent for serum Magnesium, an increase of 30 percent for red blood cell (RBC) Magnesium and a reduction of Magnesium deficiency symptoms by 63 percent for individuals receiving MagSRT™. Furthermore, the MagSRT™ dosage (500 mg/day) was well tolerated by 9 out of 10 participants.

“The Scottsdale Magnesium Study is the first peer-reviewed clinical trial of a time-release Magnesium supplement versus a placebo,” said Dr. Decker Weiss, a Naturopathic Cardiologist and principal investigator in the study. “Considering that 75 percent of participants had suboptimal Magnesium levels at baseline, we were extremely pleased about the significant increases in Magnesium serum and Magnesium RBC, and the corresponding decrease in Magnesium deficiency symptoms in the MagSRT™ group.”

The Scottsdale Magnesium Study included a standard clinical population of 91 adults in a placebo-controlled study. 53 individuals received MagSRT™ at 500 mg/day, while the remaining participants received a placebo. Baseline measurements were collected prior to trial initiation. Serum Magnesium was measured 4 and 8 hours after participants ingested two tablets (250 mg each) of MagSRT™ or a placebo. After 30 days, RBC Magnesium was evaluated and a Magnesium status questionnaire was completed. A subset of MagSRT™ participants (24) continued the study for 90 days and RBC Magnesium and the questionnaire were again evaluated.

Key results in the MagSRT™ group were:

  • Increase of 22 percent for Serum Magnesium
  • Improved RBC Magnesium by 30 percent.
  • Reduction of Magnesium Deficiency Symptoms by 63 percent.
  • Well tolerated at a high dosage.

Scottsdale Magnesium Study - MagSRT Increased Magnesium Serum

Scottsdale Magnesium Study - MagSRT Increased Magnesium RBC

Scottsdale Magnesium Study - MagSRT Decreased Magnesium Deficiency Symptoms

MagSRT™ was developed by Jigsaw Health to offer consumers a gentler, better absorbed form of Magnesium. The supplement is based on a proprietary, Sustained Release Technology (w/SRT®) that offers an extended release of Magnesium over time.

“This study confirms what customers have been sharing with us about MagSRT™,” said Patrick Sullivan Jr., co-founder and CEO of Jigsaw Health. “There’s now published data validating why MagSRT™ has been so popular with works. Magnesium gets into the Serum and the Red Blood Cells, and people can feel the difference.”

About Jigsaw Health

We believe in Air, Water, Magnesium…

Nearly 80% of the population is deficient in Magnesium. And we believe the reason is due to lack of education on what Magnesium does and its essential role in the body. So we’ve made it part of our mission to provide Magnesium “edu-tainment” – entertaining educational content.

Since 2005, Jigsaw Health – “The Magnesium People” – has been developing science-based dietary supplements with a focus on Magnesium featuring Sustained Release Technology (w/SRT®), which controls the release of active ingredients so absorption can happen over time.

MagSRT™ by Jigsaw Health is America’s #1 Time Release Magnesium with over 1,000 five-star Amazon reviews, five times more than the second closest brand.

We believe that life is too short to feel crappy. We believe you CAN feel better. And we believe that laughter is the best medicine...Magnesium is a close second. ;-)

Learn more about  the Scottsdale Magnesium Study...

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