Jigsaw MagNow™ has a NEW name: Jigsaw MagSoothe™

Why did we change the name from MagNow™ to MagSoothe™?

When we originally introduced Jigsaw MagNow™ in 2016, we chose the name "MagNow™" based on how we differentiated it from MagSRT®, America's #1 time-release magnesium.

  • MagSRT® was purposefully designed to absorb slowly over 8 hours, providing all day energy using Magnesium Malate.*
  • MagNow™ was purposefully designed to absorb rapidly using the calming Magnesium Glycinate.*

AND... to be candid, we're all big fans of the TV show Seinfeld, and we loved the episode where George's father, Frank Costanza, yells "Serenity Now" over and over... haha!  ;-)

HOWEVER... we realized that the name MagNow didn't explain the benefits — these ingredients are designed to prevent leg cramps and calm brain chatter, both of which help you feel relaxed, and help you sleep better.*

After all, Magnesium is Mother Nature's original "chill pill"... :)

So, we recently decided to rename MagNow™ to MagSoothe™ -- and we hope you like this new name as much as we do!

Same great formula!

Nothing is changing about the formula -- it's still the same great taste, and the same effective ingredients that you've come to rely on!

New look!

We updated the packaging because we wanted the look to match the calming benefits.  

And nearly all of our customers use MagNow™ right before bed time. 

Can MagSoothe™ still be used during the day?

Yes!  If you've been using MagNow™ during the day, it's still perfectly fine to use MagSoothe™ during the day, despite the nighttime design of the new packaging.  

After all, the formula isn't designed to make you drowsy...it's designed to relax your body.  

And in the middle of a stressful day, there's almost nothing that works better than the calming Magnesium Glycinate found in the fast absorbing MagSoothe™ formula.

Get Jigsaw MagSoothe™ today!

MagSoothe™ is available in 60 serving jars, and on-the-go single-serving packets:

Jigsaw MagNow™ Tart Raspberry Lemonade - A fast-acting, calming magnesium glycinate powder supplement. Buy Now Jigsaw MagNow™ Tart Raspberry Lemonade - A fast-acting, calming magnesium glycinate powder supplement.

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