How The Holiday Season Affects The Immune System | #MuscleMonday

Why do we get sick over the Holidays? Hint: It's not the Weather...

Lance Dreher, PhD (aka "Doctor Fitness") explains why the Holiday Season becomes Cold Season and preventative measures you can take to stay healthy this winter on the latest #MuscleMonday.

Have questions for Lance? Comment below, check out, or call into The Doctor Fitness Radio Show 550 KFYI or at iHeartRadio at (602) 260-5394 on Saturday mornings from 8am-9am MST.

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GENERAL DISCLAIMER: There is a possibility of physical injury when participating in any exercise program.

Support your Immune System over the Holidays with Jigsaw's Curcumin:

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- Today we're gonna talk about how the holiday seasons affect the immune system. You know, Thanksgiving's only one week away, then we've got Christmas, then we have New Years Day. And during that period of time, the average American consumes an overabundance of refined carbohydrates. Did you know, the equivalent of one candy bar, about five teaspoons of sugar, can cut the activity of your white blood cells down by 25%? One candy bar, one can of pop, 60%. 

A day's allotment of daily sugar that people eat in America today, which is 25 teaspoons of sugar, cuts the activity of your white blood cells down by 92%. 

Now you wonder why we get sick this time of the year. Ever wonder why people get the flu, or flu-like symptoms, they get colds. Maybe it's because it's your holiday food and what you're eating. 

No one's telling ya not to have those things, but control it. You'll find that during a holiday season, you can enjoy it even more and not get sick. 

Let me list the top three foods that you should avoid. One, soda pop, two, candies, three, cakes and pies. 

If you do that, you're gonna cut a lot of the refined carbohydrates out of your diet during the holiday season. Have a special occasion where you enjoy a little bit of that, but don't do it everyday. 

Here's another tip, during a holiday season, throw some jigsaw curcumin into your diet. Curcumin, recently has been shown to lower blood sugar. When you lower blood sugar, those white blood cells work better. 

Happy Thanksgiving, we'll see ya next week.

- Guys, you can connect with Lance at Also, his radio show runs on Saturday morning, eight a.m. to nine a.m., here locally in Phoenix on 550KFYI and streaming across the internet on iHeartRadio.

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