Anyone need toilet paper? #FunnyFriday

April is Jigsaw’s birthday month, and we’re turning 15 years old this year! 

Every year during the month of April, it’s our tradition to give gifts to you -- our customers -- as a way of saying thank you!!

Well, this year is going to be a little different…

Every day this month, our Warehouse Warriors will be randomly selecting 5 orders and placing a single roll of TP into each of those shipments… Order today, and yes, you might “win” a roll of good ole single-ply!

You may be asking, “Why do we have custom printed toilet paper?” Well, we’ve used these at medical conferences to catch the attention of doctors’ as they walk by our booth. Works like a charm! ;-)

BUT... in this current crisis, no one is attending any conferences, and we realize that TP might actually be more valuable when used for its, umm… originally intended purpose.

So we’re giving away 150 rolls of toilet paper for our 15th birthday!! :)


By the way, if you actually really need some toilet paper right now, we’ve decided to put our whole inventory on sale -- click here to purchase Jigsaw Toilet Paper -- $1 per roll, limit 3 per customer, and only available while supplies last. (No more TP hoarding out there, ok!?!?)

All the proceeds for TP sales will go to the Jigsaw Health COVID-19 Relief Fund. If you and your family would like to apply for a voucher, please visit this page for more details. We’re here to help!

And if you’re fortunate enough to do so, please donate to the Jigsaw Health COVID-19 Relief Fund. THANK YOU!

By the way, we’re very aware that the COVID-19 crisis is NOT a laughing matter — thousands have died, millions have lost their jobs, and EVERYONE is struggling right now in some form or another.

But we also know that LAUGHTER is the BEST medicine. So please allow us this attempt at comic relief during our birthday month. 

Are you a first time customer and not sure what to order? Might I suggest Jigsaw MagSRT®, America's #1 Time-Release Magnesium Supplement.  (At least you already know what it won't do.)

PS - If you do win, please send a picture of you holding the TP to -- but, you know, an appropriate picture! Thx in advance… ;-)

Wishing wellness to you, your family, your neighbors -- and the whole world!

Patrick Sullivan Jr.
CEO & Co-founder of Jigsaw Health

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