4 Reminders Why You Choose Jigsaw Health...

A quick reminder why Jigsaw Health is your "go to" for your daily vitamin and mineral needs...

  1. Active & bioavailable forms - contains only the best forms of each active ingredient so your body can absorb and utilize the nutrients efficiently.
  2. Sustained Release Technology (w/SRT®) - controls the release of magnesium, vitamin c and b vitamins so absorption happens throughout the day -- as your body requires -- instead of all at once.
  3. Formulation - unique formulations that include necessary co-factors to maximize absorption.
  4. Convenient daily packets - Jigsaw Basic™, Jigsaw Complete™, and Jigsaw Ultimate™ provide all your daily essentials in easy on-the-go packets (Click here to compare Jigsaw Basic vs. Jigsaw Complete vs. Jigsaw Ultimate).

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Simply put, each product provides a 30-day supply of essential daily packets containing a varying degree of nutrients and quantities...

Jigsaw Basic™ provides the minimum, core daily essentials in a once-a-day packet.

Jigsaw Complete™ takes it one step further by providing a broader spectrum of essential daily vitamins in 2 easy, on-the-go packets; one in the AM and one in the PM.

Jigsaw Ultimate™ is... well, ultimate. Jigsaw Ultimate™ includes everything in the Jigsaw Complete™ PLUS: Probiotics, Curcumin, & CoQ10 plus additional Vitamin C & Fish Oil in 2 easy, on-the-go daily packets.

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Cheers to happy & healthy new year,
The Jigsaw Team

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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