4 Reasons to Choose Jigsaw Pureway-C Plus...

Jigsaw Pureway-C® Plus™ contains 1,000 mg of Vitamin C (as Pureway-C® and is clinically proven for better absorption) combined with 100 mg of Lysine and 15 mg of Quercefit™ per serving.*

Here are 4 clinically proven reasons why Pureway-C Plus is a superior form of Vitamin C:

  1. More highly retained in the human body by 233%.*
  2. Able to stimulate healthy neurons 12 times more rapidly.*
  3. It offers more efficient immune protection from toxins by 2.5 times.*
  4. 12% higher antioxidant effects and 11% higher free radical scavenging activity.*

Pureway-C® (the form of Vitamin C used) has a unique composition that combines ascorbic acid with several types of lipid metabolites and bioflavonoids to enhance bioavailability.*

Lipid metabolites (fats derived from vegetable sources), function as carriers of the ascorbic acid to increase intestinal absorption, allowing Vitamin C to enter the cells quickly for enhanced cellular uptake.*

Bioflavonoids greatly contribute to the antioxidant capability of Pureway-C® as well as enhanced absorption in the intestinal tract.*

Lysine supports a healthy immune system response and recovery time and plays a crucial role in the formation of Collagen.*

Quercefit™, a unique form of Quercetin, utilizes a special delivery system to enhance absorption which makes it more effective in promoting immune function, heart health, and skin health.*

Pureway-C® combined with Lysine and Quercefit™ makes a supercharged Vitamin C!

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