3 More Reasons to Take Pureway-C Plus

You might be loading up on Vitamin C right now for the obvious benefit: keeping the icks away at work, school...anywhere public. But did you know you’re also giving your body several other major benefits?*


Raise your hand if you want to age faster. No takers? Ascorbic acid from Vitamin C counteracts aging in the body, helping to keep your organs, blood, and bones younger.*

Healthy Bones

It doesn’t matter how many colds we stave off if our bones are too weak to stand us up. Research has shown that Vitamin C can have a beneficial impact on bone mineral density, which means strength and endurance as we age.*

Weight Management

Vitamin C, as it turns out, has an influence on the production of carnitine, which is an important component in metabolizing fat. So if you’re one of the millions of people with a New Year’s resolution to achieve or maintain a healthy weight, Vitamin C could be part of your tool kit to reach your goal.*

There you go, 3 more good reasons to take Vitamin C. But not all supplements are created equal. Our Pureway-C Plus is clinically tested to work faster and more effectively than other brands.*

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