How to participate in Jigsaw's Christmas Video for 2020

Hi, if you're reading this message, then you already know -- we consider you a member of the extended Jigsaw Family (#Jamily), and we'd like your help putting together a "video Christmas card" from the #Jamily to the Jigsaw community at large.  So thanks in advance for your help! 

Jigsaw has a tradition of doing Christmas videos each year. Usually, they’re fun and silly, like what we did last year:

BUT... 2020 has been a different kind of year altogether. So Ashley wanted to sing something sentimental and heart-warming.

The week before last, we went into the studio and she recorded “Have yourself a merry little Christmas”...

It’s OFF THE CHARTS good in my humble, and very biased opinion.  ;-)

Seriously, I can't wait for your to hear.  But first, we need help with the video, and that's where you come in...

You don’t have to sing...

You don't have to dance...

We’re just asking you to make a quick 5 - 7 second video of yourself -- or you and your family, or you and your pet, etc. -- smiling and waving at the camera in some sort of Christmas-like setting...

Maybe it’s in front of your tree? 

Or in your kitchen decorating a Christmas cookie?

Or outside making a snow angel?

Or on a Pickleball court wearing a Santa hat?

Be creative and crazy. Or just keep it simple and sweet, like this:

(And while it’s not required, you will win bonus points from us if you’re wearing some “It’s FUN to feel good” gear. ;-)

To participate, record your 5 - 7 second video in “landscape” mode (holding your phone horizontally), then:

  • if you have an iPhone, text the video to Patrick's cell phone (480) 221-5051
  • if you have an Android, upload your video using the form at the bottom of this page

...and then our amazing video team will take care of the rest! 

IMPORTANT: The deadline is Tuesday Dec 8th

Patrick & Ashley

PS - One of Jigsaw’s other music video compilations -- I WANNA DINK WITH SOMEBODY -- has over 300,000 views.  Can we beat that record?  Well, have yourself a merry little Christmas and get to work you filthy animal! ;-)

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