I Wanna Dink With Somebody (Whitney Houston Parody Song About Pickleball) | #FunnyFriday

We’re absolute PICKLEBALL ADDICTS here at Jigsaw Health. We even have a miniature pickleball court in the Customer Happiness Orchard inside our office! :)

So obviously we wrote a parody song, and then asked a bunch of our Pickleball friends to sing along to it.

We ended up with 180 video clips from 61 people. And it turned into the video you see above.

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Never heard of pickleball? Check out this post What is Pickleball? It’s kind of like tiny-tennis, and it’s the fastest growing sport in the USA!

But did you know there are actually two types of muscle cramps? That’s right. When you cramp up during physical activity, that’s because your body is low in Potassium. And when you wake up in the middle of the night grasping your legs? That's because your body is low in Magnesium.

Jigsaw Pickleball Cocktail™ contains both Potassium and Magnesium to help you stay hydrated, energized, and cramp-free on (and off) the courts.

PPS - A big thank you to the cast of this video, in rough order or appearance…

  1. Paul Olin
  2. Dominic Catalano
  3. Melissa McCurly
  4. Catherine Parenteau
  5. Steve Dawson
  6. Jen Dawson
  7. Matt Wright
  8. Gregg White
  9. Jonny Pickleball Andrews
  10. Scott “Goldenboy” Golden
  11. Adam Stone
  12. Lauren McLaughlin
  13. Lucy Kovalova
  14. The Tang Family (Amy, Lester, Nathan, and Jasper)
  15. Michelle Esquivel
  16. Webby
  17. Eddie
  18. Lola (Keri James’ puppy)
  19. Ruth Rosenquist
  20. Shawn Rodrigo
  21. Dekel Bar
  22. Ben Johns
  23. Jason Neuenschwander
  24. Maxwell Cowley
  25. Simone Jardim
  26. Barret Kincheloe
  27. Regina Franco
  28. Altaf Merchant
  29. Olivia Cowley
  30. John Cowley
  31. Dave Flemming
  32. Irina Tereschenko
  33. Mark Renneson
  34. Andrew Evans (The Pickleball Librarian) & Son
  35. William Sobek
  36. Helle Sparre
  37. Melissa McCurly’s Dad
  38. DJ Howard
  39. Jennifer Lucore
  40. The Unicorn (Shellton Jean Baptiste-Webster)
  41. Randy Coleman
  42. Kyle Yates
  43. Ben Paquette
  44. Steve Taylor
  45. Wyatt Stone & Sisters
  46. Keri James
  47. Tom Aarts
  48. Joey Farias
  49. Daniel Moore
  50. Jason Berget
  51. Dana Berget
  52. Wes Gabrielson
  53. Patrick Sullivan Jr.
  54. Ashley Leroux (Sullivan)
  55. Jasper Tang
  56. Ken Hermann
  57. Sarah Ansboury
  58. Rosti Sobek
  59. Altaf Merchant’s Kids
  60. Jay Hall “Gizmo”
  61. Jay & Janice Wasack
  62. Team Jigsaw
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