Clinically tested Vitamin C for better immune protection.*

Jigsaw Pureway-C® Plus™ is clinically tested to outperform other forms of vitamin C. This supplement also contains L-Lysine & Quercetin (as Quercifit®) to further support a healthy immune system, healthy aging, and healthy stress response.*

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Jigsaw products have
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Humans do not have the ability to manufacture their own Vitamin C...

Taking a high-quality Vitamin C Supplement makes it easy and convenient to get the amount your body needs daily. Jigsaw Pureway-C Plus is clinically tested to outperform other leading forms of Vitamin C by offering better immune protection, better free radical scavenging, and better antioxidant support.*

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Why is Pureway-C® + Plus better?

  • Combines ascorbic acid with several types of lipid metabolites (fats derived from vegetable sources) and bioflavonoids (antioxidants) to enhance bioavailability.*
  • Clinically tested to offer more efficient immune protection from toxins by 2.5 times.*
  • Clinically tested to stimulate healthy neurons 12 times more rapidly.*
  • Clinically tested to have a 12% higher antioxidant effect and 11% higher free radical scavenging activity.*
  • Includes the bioflavonoid, Quercetin to further support immune function.*
  • Includes the essential amino acid, Lysine for optimal heart and immune health.*
  • 3rd party label claim verified.
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee.

What can Pureway-C® + Plus help me with?

  • Support the immune system function*
  • Build and strengthen collagen to provide essential support for the blood vessels, arteries, ligaments, bones, gums, and teeth.*
  • Support healthy metabolism and energy production by making carnitine, the amino acid responsible for transporting fat to mitochondria for conversion to energy.*
  • Promote eye health.*
  • Maintain healthy heart function and overall cardiovascular health.*
  • Regenerate other antioxidants like vitamin E and CoQ10.*
  • Neutralize oxidative damage caused by free radicals and protect cells from wear and tear.*
  • Support artery and blood vessel flexibility*
  • Promote adrenal gland function, which uses large amounts of Vitamin C, to support the body's healthy stress response.*
  • Support brain function and stable mood.*
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Supplement Facts

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Pureway-C® Plus™

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Active Ingredients: Vitamin C (as Pureway-C®), L-Lysine (as hydrochloride), Quercetin Phytosome (as Quercefit™).

Other Ingredients: Veggie Capsule (as hypromellose), Organic Nu-Flow® (rice extract, as anti-caking agent), Microcrystalline Cellulose (plant-based insoluble fiber used as an anti-caking agent), Citrus Bioflavonoids (as part of Pureway-C® to enhance action of Vitamin C), Fatty Acids (as part of Pureway-C®), Lecithin (aids in absorption), Maltodextrin (as carrier) and Silicon Dioxide (anti-caking agent).

Suggested Use: As a nutritional supplement, take 2 capsules per day with food. Or use as directed by your healthcare professional.

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5 Star Reviews

Jigsaw products have
3,000 5-star

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Jigsaw Pureway-C® Plus™

Jigsaw Pureway-C® Plus™ is clinically proven to outperform other forms of vitamin C.  This supplement also contains L-Lysine & Quercetin (as Quercifit®) for better absorption, which promotes healthy immune support, healthy aging, and health stress response.*

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90-Day, No-Hassle, Money Back Guarantee

Jigsaw Health 90-Day Money Back Guarentee

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