We Got a New Tagline

We Have a Big Announcement...

As a member of our Jigsaw Family, you may have noticed that we recently changed our tagline from “Jigsaw Health: The Magnesium People” to “Jigsaw Health: It’s fun to feel good.”

I’d like to take you behind the scenes and explain why.

We’ve been “Jigsaw Health: The Magnesium People” because most people knew us for our Magnesium products (especially MagSRT®), and our Magnesium Education efforts.

Ironically though, our Vitamin B supplement -- Jigsaw Activated B w/SRT® -- has continually been one of our top 5 best-selling, top-rated products! It’s a great formula that people just really like.

So we sort of lived with, “Yes, we’re The Magnesium People, and uhh...yes, we also have this great B-Complex product.”

BUT... putting "Jigsaw Health: The Magnesium People" on our soon-to-be-released Alaskan Cod Liver Oil (which we are VERY excited about) just felt weird.

We also realized that "The Magnesium People" doesn't really help you get to know us, what we believe, or how we'd like to help you and your loved ones… And as you know, we're growing far beyond our humble origins as a Magnesium company, and very gratefully so!

So we took a step back and asked, "What is it that we're really trying to do? What benefit do we really provide to our customers?"

Well, we want to help you feel good. That’s fun for us, and for you. We don’t just manufacturer supplements, we really do manufacture smiles.

And what’s very clear to me is that this new tagline only serves to reinforce WHY we’re going to continue to educate people on the power of Magnesium.... After all, Magnesium is Mother Nature’s original chill pill! :)


Patrick Sullivan Jr.

CEO & Co-founder of Jigsaw Health

PS - "It's fun to feel good" t-shirts are in stock now! So comfortable to wear, and guaranteed to put a smile on your face! =)

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