The Importance of Electrolytes for the Aging Body | #AshWednesday

Ashley & Lance Dreher, PhD (aka "Dr. Fitness") discuss why Electrolytes are critical for the aging body.

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- Hi I'm Ashley Leroux with Jigsaw Health and I'm here with Lance Dreher PhD, a.k.a Doctor Fitness, and we're gonna talk about electrolytes. We've all heard how important electrolytes are, but let's shine a light on the aging body and how important and critical they become as we get older.

- Well there's three main reasons why people as they age need electrolytes. One, is older people drink less water.

- Naturally they do?

- Naturally, because they're afraid of having to get up at night and go to the bathroom, which disturbs their sleeping, that kind of thing. Okay, two, your body works harder as you get older, right?

- For everything.

- For everything, doesn't matter what it is.  Okay, for metabolism, all right, how your body uses energy, it's more difficult to get up and move around.

- Yeah.

- Okay, so electrolytes are essential for that because one of the things electrolytes do is to help your body make energy.  Last, not least of course, is the energy factor in general.  Less energy, okay, affects how you feel about yourself.  And one of the biggest complaints we hear from elderly people, or people that are aging is, "I wanna feel young again".

- Right.

- Notice I didn't say, I wanna look younger.  I wanna feel younger.

- And essentially what they're saying is, I want more energy.

- More energy, absolutely.

- Yeah.

- That's essential.  Because if you have more energy, then you do look younger, because you do all those

things that are necessary to look younger, like exercise and take better care of yourself.

- So speaking of looking younger, whenever we're, us ladies especially, are out there looking for

the anti-aging products and the eye creams and all that stuff.  I recall that they all mention something about moisturizing, ultra-moisturizing,

- Right.

- Extra hydration.  So that ties right into what you're saying.

- Yeah, because as we age our skin becomes more wrinkled, and that means it has less water in the skin.

- Okay.

- So electrolytes are essential to keeping the water levels high enough in the body to slow aging down. You can't stop it, you can slow it down. So you make yourself look younger, longer.

- And that's what we all want to do, right?

- Absolutely, absolutely.

- So the good news is, we just came out with a brand new flavor of Berry-Licious flavor of the Electrolyte Supreme.  We've had the lemon-lime flavor for quite some time now.  So Lance, which one's your favorite?

- You know actually, I like both of them. But you know what I'm gonna do this summer, because we're gonna have 117 degrees coming up next week, I'm gonna make this into a Popsicle, with a great flavor that's good for you because it's got the electrolytes in it.

- That's a great idea, genius. So go to  You can either get a

canister, or the packets.  Decide which flavor you wanna try.  And we will see you next Wednesday. Thanks so much.

-Hey guys, thanks so much for tuning into this video.  If you like it, please share it, and we'll see you next week.

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