The Benefits of Taking MagSRT® with MagNOW™

MagSRT™ & MagNOW™... What's the difference?

Natalie Ochoa, Jigsaw's Director of Operations, explains the 3 Key Differences between the two supplements, and benefits of taking them together.

Jigsaw MagSRT® Jigsaw MagNOW™

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- Hi everybody, I'm Ashley Leroux and I'm here with Natalie Ochoa, director of operations here at Jigsaw Health. Natalie, what is the difference between MagSRT and MagNow?

- Excellent question. They're both fantastic magnesium supplements, but there are three key differences between the two. And that is delivery system, form, and when you should be taking it.

- Okay, so let's talk about the first one, delivery system. One is a tablet and one is a powder that you mix into water.

- Right, so the MagSRT is a tablet that utilizes our proprietary sustained release technology, which just means that it's slowly releasing magnesium over eight hours. And it's really designed so people can take high doses, 500 milligrams a day, without getting the dreaded digestive discomfort often associated with other ordinary magnesium supplements.

- Right, okay, and then the MagNow powder is different because.

- So, t6he MagNow powder is designed to release all at once. So, it provides 200 milligrams per serving and it's designed to be fast acting.

- Okay, so that brings us to the second point, which is form. There are two different forms of magnesium, correct?

- Yeah, exactly. So, the MagSRT is a dimagnesium malate form.

- Well, that's a big word.

-Yeah, all it means is it's two ions of magnesium attached to malic acid.

- Okay, and what does malic acid do?

- Malic acid is a naturally occurring substance. It's present in lots of fruits and vegetables. And it's actually produced by your body when you convert carbohydrates into energy. So, it's part of what's called the energy production cycle.

- Ah, which is why MagSRT is perfect to take in the morning, so that it can be basically energizing all day long.

- Yeah, exactly. And, in contrast, the MagNow uses a magnesium glycinate form, which is magnesium bound to the amino acid glycine.

- And what does glycine do?

- So, glycine, like I said, is an amino acid. And one of the key benefits of glycine is it helps to calm down the neurotransmitters in the brain. So, it's a very calming amino acid. When you couple that with the magnesium, you get a double whammy, because magnesium, itself, is known as the relaxation mineral. So, you really, really get the brain calm down, the brain chatter calm down in addition to the overall relaxation that you get from the magnesium alone.

- Yes, get rid of that brain chatter when I'm trying to go to sleep.

- Yeah, exactly, right before bed.

- This stuff is awesome, yeah. They really were designed to go together.

- Yes, they're very much so designed to be complementary to one another. Many, many, many of our customers have sort of a new regime now that we've come out with the MagNow, where they take their MagSRT, two in the morning and two with either lunch or dinner, and then right before bed, they mix themselves up a little cocktail of the MagNow, sleep like a baby. And that really gives you a higher dose of magnesium for your day. You're getting the benefits of two different forms. You're sleeping better at night and you're more energized during the day.

- Sounds like a dream to me.

- Yeah.

- Well, as the saying goes, they go together like peanut butter and jelly.

- Like peas and carrots.

- You don't like peas.

- You don't like jelly.

- Anyway,I hope we've answered the question here for you guys today. If you haven't tried MagNow with MagSRT, you're missing out. So, check it out,

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