Press Release: "MINERAL POWER" Educational Program Developed for Children

Press Release: "MINERAL POWER" Educational Program Developed for Children

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. – September 5, 2018 – Through the support of Jigsaw Health, Shape Up US has introduced a new MINERAL POWER curriculum with an emphasis on Magnesium as part of the Hip Hop Healthy Program for Children™. The Hip Hop Healthy Program for Children focuses on the "Whole Child" and features eight modules in the areas of nutrition, exercise, mindfulness and sustainability. The program is designed to “Build a Culture of Health” through the educational system in providing an innovative approach helping to solve many of the common challenges that face today’s youth, all of which affect academic performance. The program has reached over 50,000 children in 15 states.

"We're excited to partner with Shape Up Us to educate children about the benefits of minerals in an overall nutrition program," said Patrick Sullivan Jr., co-founder and CEO of Jigsaw Health. "The MINERAL POWER program explains what minerals are and their importance in the human body. It also details how Magnesium supports health. The program achieves this in fun, interactive ways through music, rhymes and raps."

The MINERAL POWER curriculum is focused on grades kindergarten through 6th grade and will be provided to local schools in the Scottsdale area through the sponsorship of Jigsaw Health.

"It's wonderful to offer this new mineral educational program to teachers and students through the Hip Hop Healthy Program for Children," said Jyl Steinback, executive director of Shape Up Us and creator of the Hip Hop Healthy curriculum. "Jigsaw Health has made it part of their mission to educate children about the benefits of minerals and Magnesium and this program accomplishes this."

The program can be found on the Shape Up US web site at  Module 3: SUPERFOODS...Nutrition for Great Health.

About Shape Up US

Founded in 2009, Shape Up US works to empower children and families to lead healthier lives through awareness, education and action-oriented programs designed to help individuals live healthier lives.

Shape Up US began to create the Hip Hop Healthy Heart Program for Children in 2010 and introduced it the following year. Shape Up US also supports its mission through health and wellness expos.

Through its comprehensive wellness education programs and live events, Shape Up US helps teachers, students, their families and communities assess and address personal and community wellness needs. For more information, visits the Shape Up US web site at

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