Jigsaw Health Product Direction: Doubling Down on Magnesium

On April 20, 2016, I posted the following message here in the Facebook Magnesium Advocacy Group. (53,000+ members; "closed group" that requires you to request access.)

In 24 hours, the post received 500+ likes and 100+ comments...so I'm cross-posting below on Jigsaw's Blog.


For the past 11 years, we’ve been designing Jigsaw Health products with a single person in mind: my dad.

The beauty of this process was we could be super-agile by skipping focus groups, surveys, etc. and he could just put the ingredients together that he personally wanted to take, regardless of cost.

Thankfully, we were able to find customers who also liked these formulas.

Yesterday, things changed.

Yesterday, I posted a question to this group regarding a Magnesium Glycinate powder formula that we have been designing these past few months with you MAG-pies in mind.

In 24 hours, that post had 360 Likes and 223 comments.

Thankfully, many people were excited about this new product, which we're calling "Mag-Now Tart Raspberry Lemonade.” 

And based on the reaction, we’re going to move forward with it (plus a few minor tweaks, like switching to organic stevia). I’m hoping to have it available by the end of June. (Sign up at www.JigsawHealth.com/newsletter to be notified of availability.)

But the OTHER comments in the thread re-taught me an important lesson: There is no magic bullet; you can’t design one product to please everyone.

However…when you listen, you see trends develop, and you can develop a few different products to make each segment of people very happy.

So based on yesterday’s reactions, here’s what we’re planning to work on:

First, an unflavored version of the Mag-Now powder (Mg Glycinate + Boron + Potassium Bicarb), sans any flavoring. Experimentation on that formula begins tomorrow.

Second, a “super clean” capsule of Mg Glycinate + Boron and / or Mg Malate + Boron and / or Mg Taurate + Boron in a veggie capsule that uses ZERO flow agents. We *think* that those raw materials might be able to “flow" without any help. But if they do need some help, we’re going to use use Nu-FLOW “organic rice hull concentrate” from Ribus. (Hopefully, this will be agreeable?)

Third, many of you will be happy to know that next month, we’ll be releasing “Jigsaw Magnesium w/SRT (B-Free)”. Same popular formula that we have today, sans B6, B12, and Folate. This was created because we believe there are enough of you out there that want Mg Malate with Sustained Release Technology, and you need to supplement your B vitamins separately. (Again, sign up at www.JigsawHealth.com/newsletter to be notified of availability.)

Fourth, we’re in the R&D phase of a Magnesium Lotion (Mg Chloride + Arnica) that can be used topically for targeting aches and pains.

Finally, it seems fitting for this change to take place today. Yesterday, April 19th, was Jigsaw Health's 11th birthday. Tomorrow, April 21st, is my dad’s birthday. But I won’t list his age. ;-)

Feels like we’re turning into a Magnesium specialty company, and I like that.

PS - A big thank you to Morley Robbins (aka. "The Magnesium Man") for planting this seed in my brain 4-ish years ago. Sometimes, it just takes a while for the seed to grow. :)

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