Introducing the NEW Clean Hands™ from Jigsaw Health...

Hi, I’m Patrick Sullivan Jr, CEO & co-founder of Jigsaw Health.  My personal doctor is a member of Jigsaw’s Scientific Advisory Board.  He also owns a compounding pharmacy that does “small batch” manufacturing of all sorts of medicines.  Earlier this year, he and his team developed a simple, clean, and elegant hand sanitizer formula that they began to offer to the patients at his clinic. 

As you’re well aware, the need and demand for hand sanitizer has skyrocketed this year.  And apparently, there’s been a good bit of fraud — the FDA and FTC have sent warning letters to dozens of companies.  Yikes!

So, it’s more important than ever that you choose a hand sanitizer you can trust.

I got the chance to try it one day and I loved it, so we decided to make it available for all Jigsaw Health customers.  

Here’s what I like most about it the NEW Jigsaw Health Clean Hands™:

First, it’s alcohol-based, so it’s effective and meets the requirements of “hand sanitizer”, as defined by the FDA.

But it doesn’t use antibiotics, like Triclosan.  I’ve been aware of studies that show regular use of low dose antibiotics can actually weaken the immune system over time by damaging the microbiome of “good” bacteria in our body.  (Click here to read FDA’s final rule on safety and effectiveness of antibacterial soaps)

Second, I like that it doesn’t leave a sticky residue.  Most gel-based hand sanitizers make my hands feel gross. I hate using them.

Third, I like that it’s a spray, so it’s more efficient than gel-based hand sanitizers.  In other words, the bottle will last longer.  

Fourth, Dr. Chambers wisely added Aloe Vera and Vitamin E to counteract the harshness of alcohol so that your hands don’t end up feeling dry.  These two ingredients help to keep your hands moisturized.

Fifth, the peppermint oil was a nice final touch, so that you barely notice the smell of the alcohol... everyone I’ve shown this product to has the same reaction, they instinctively rub their hands, then sniff and say, “oh wow, that smells really good!”

Finally, the key to every product at Jigsaw Health is — “can we write a funny song about this new product?”  When Ashley wrote the lyric, “Clean hands, no germs getting on my chicken sandwich”, I knew we had to make this product, and we had to call it Jigsaw Health Clean Hands.  


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