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UPDATE on June 28, 2019: Mercury Amalgam Awareness Week is each year in August. The video below is from 2017. If you're on this page because of the email I sent earlier this morning, please use this link to give comments to the FDA.  -Patrick Sullivan Jr.

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(Video Transcript)

I want to tell you a story of two guys.

No, not professional golfers Tom Leham and Tiger Woods. I’m talking about Pat Sullivan… my dad… in 1993 and 1999.

My Dad had 14 mercury amalgams (aka. “silver fillings”) in his mouth, which wrecked his health for 30 years until they were finally and safely removed.

He wrote about this in his book, “Wellness Piece by Piece.”

And it was part of the reason that we started Jigsaw Health together in 2005.

The Sullivan family and Jigsaw Health have been supporting Consumers for Dental Choice in their relentless march to ban this insidious poison.

This pre-Civil War procedure has absolutely no place in modern dentistry, and the NYU School of Dentistry agrees. They only teach with safe alternatives, like composite resin and porcelain, both of which actually look like teeth.

Sure, not everyone who has mercury amalgams gets sick like my dad. But many people do. And it turns out, these people have a genetic predisposition and are unable to efficiently detoxify heavy metals.

So, if you, or someone you know, has been mauled by mercury, we’re asking you to join us and make a donation today.

Here’s the coolest part… During “Mercury Amalgam Awareness” week, Dr. Joe Mercola is DOUBLING all donations, up to $100,000 dollars.

So a $100 dollar donation magically turns into $200.

I’m announcing today that the campaign has been extended by 3 days, and Jigsaw Health is going to TRIPLE every donation, up to $5,000.

$100 now transforms into $300!!!

I also have a gift for you: I’m gonna send a copy of my Dad’s book, “Wellness Piece by Piece” to everyone who donates $33 or more and mentions “Jigsaw” on the donation form.

I really, really appreciate you joining in this fight. We continue to claw our way ever closer to the end-zone… but we’re not there yet. And we need your help.

Please help by clicking the “Donate Today” link below this video. All donations are tax-deductible. Thank you.

-Patrick Sullivan Jr.

CEO & Co-Founder of Jigsaw Health

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