Announcement: Jigsaw Health now carrying Ancient Minerals Magnesium Lotion

I'm pleased to announce that Jigsaw Health is now offering three different Magnesium Lotion formulas from Ancient Minerals:

As "The Magnesium People", we at Jigsaw embrace Magnesium in it's best forms and best delivery mechanisms. This includes tablets, powders, and now even lotions for transdermal / topical absorption.

We all know that stress causes the "Magnesium Burn Rate" (MBR) to increase. And under times of very heavy stress, I've personally felt my own childhood nemesis -- cramps in my calf muscles -- creep into my legs. 

At those times, I've reached for my own bottle of Ancient Minerals Magnesium Lotion and found quick relief.

(Btw, I particularly like that the lotion rubs into my skin whereas the Magnesium oils that I have tested out leave a white filmy residue that makes a mess.)

For these reasons, and others, I'm thrilled to partner with the great folks at Ancient Minerals / Enviromedica who have long studied and dare I say, perfected, the art of transdermal Magnesium delivery.

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