98% of Americans are not getting enough Potassium...

That’s right, only 2% of the American population has adequate potassium levels. According to the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine (NASEM) an adult needs between 2,600 mg and 3,400 mg of potassium per day for optimal health. (1,2) The U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) has set the Daily Value even higher at 4,700 mg (3).

Some of the most potassium-rich foods include potatoes, bananas, prune juice, carrot juice, beet greens, and white beans. But the truth is, even if you're eating a diet that’s rich in potassium, it’s still a challenge to get an adequate intake every day.

Here are 5 common signs of Potassium deficiency...

1. You feel weak and tired.* 

Potassium regulates your muscle contractions and when your body is running low on this critical electrolyte, your muscles will not contract as strong, leaving you feeling weak. Potassium also helps your body utilize other nutrients effectively and when this is not functioning optimally, you will experience low energy levels.*

2. You get muscle cramps.* 

Potassium sends signals to your brain that make your muscles either start or stop a muscle contraction.*

3. You get occasional constipation and bloating.*

As mentioned above, Potassium is needed for your muscles to contract -- including your intestines (a muscular tube), in order for your digestive system to properly process and eliminate waste.* 

4. Your muscles feel achy and stiff.*

Potassium regulates blood flow to your muscles. When blood levels of Potassium are low, your muscles do not receive the blood flow they need, leaving your muscles feeling achy and stiff.*

5. Your mood fluctuates.*

Potassium is critical for optimal brain function and helps promote a stable mood because potassium must be present in order to send important signals to the brain.* (4)

Do any of those signs sound familiar? If so, you might need to up your daily Potassium intake.

And, one of the easiest, low calorie (not to mention, delicious) ways you can get 800 mg of Potassium quickly is by taking Jigsaw Pickleball Cocktail™ -- a sugar-free, delicious orange-flavored electrolyte powder with as much Potassium as two bananas. It also contains Magnesium Glycinate & Redmond’s Real Salt® to keep your muscles happy.*


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4. Written By Michael Greger M.D. FACLM on May 23rd, 2013. “98% Of American Diets Potassium-Deficient.” NutritionFacts.org, 23 May 2013, nutritionfacts.org/2013/05/23/98-of-american-diets-potassium-deficient/.

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