5 Benefits of Magnesium Supplements...

5 Benefits of Magnesium Supplements...

The importance of magnesium in nutrition is immeasurable; it's involved in over 300 enzymatic reactions in the body and critical for the structure and function of every organ system in your body.*

Here's 5 of the top benefits of magnesium:

  1. Relaxes muscle cramps and tension.*
  2. Plays in important role in the nervous system, promoting restful sleep.*
  3. Strengthens bones by increasing calcium absorption and activating vitamin D.*
  4. Supports regular bowl movements.*
  5. Calms the nerves and promotes a healthy mood.* (1)

One of the easiest things you can do to improve your health is to avoid being in a magnesium deficient state.*

And sadly, magnesium deficiency is running rampant among Americans.

One study sponsored by the National Institutes of Health shows that 68% of Americans are magnesium deficient (2). Other experts put the number closer to 80% (3).

So, What's the easiest, most effective way to reverse a magnesium deficiency?

Eat a magnesium-rich diet and supplement daily with a high quality magnesium supplement, such as MagSRT® by Jigsaw Health.

MagSRT® - America's #1 Time-Release Magnesium Supplement and the only time-release magnesium supplement with peer-reviewed clinical trial.

The Scottsdale Magnesium Study (SMS) evaluated MagSRT® in a placebo-controlled, human clinical trial of 91 participants. The study measured Serum Magnesium, Red Blood Cell (RBC) Magnesium, and Magnesium Deficiency symptoms. The results are published in the peer-reviewed Journal of American College of Nutrition (JACN).

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Source: (1) “15 Impressive Benefits of Magnesium.” Natural Food Series, Publisher Name Natural Food SeriesPublisher Logo, 1 June 2018, www.naturalfoodseries.com/15-benefits-magnesium/. (2) “Dietary Magnesium and C-reactive Protein Levels,” Journal of the American College of Nutrition, Vol. 24, No. 3, 166-171 (2005). (3) Jaffe R MD. “How to Know if You are Magnesium Deficient: 75% of Americans Are” (transcript), 06/16/05 3. eBook: What They Don't Want You To Know About Magnesium...

Click here to buy 3 bottles of MagSRT® -- Save $20.94 + $10 OFF + Free Shipping.

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