Balanced Stomach Acid: Overview & Natural Approaches

Everyone experiences occasional bloating, heartburn, gas, and indigestion. The usual reaction is to take an antacid. However, the root issue may be just the opposite: your body may be producing a slightly lower level of stomach acid.

It sounds counterintuitive, but only a healthy amount of stomach acid, or hydrochloric acid (HCI), will trigger the stomach's sphincters (at the entrance to and exit from the stomach) to appropriately open and close. For some people, a low amount of HCI might actually result in slowing the opening of the valve between the stomach and the intestines, causing everything to "back up" and you guessed it, create that feeling of occasional heartburn. An antacid will certainly get rid of that feeling. But, from a whole health standpoint, it's not actually a good idea to reduce your amount of HCI on a regular basis.

In a healthy digestive system, the proper concentration HCI naturally eliminates unhealthy bacteria and fungi that are normally ingested with food. This process helps to ensure a higher ratio of "good" bacteria (or probiotics) in the intestines. Healthy levels of stomach acid also ensure that food is broken down properly and prepared for smooth digestion and thorough nutrient uptake in the intestines.

To support healthy digestive function, it's best to start with a high quality probiotic and multi-vitaminBetain HCI supplements can help support balanced stomach acid levels and thorough digestion. It's also wise to try some simple lifestyle changes such as eating smaller meals and not eating two to three hours before bedtime.*