What We Stand For

  • We believe in our products so much that we take them ourselves every single day.
  • We believe that low quality products are never a good value.
  • We believe in "out-hugging" our competition.
  • We believe that life is too short to feel crappy.
  • We believe you CAN feel better. :)
  • We believe that laughter is the best medicine... Magnesium is a close second.
  • And we KNOW it's fun to feel good. ;-)

About Jigsaw Health

We believe in Air, Water, Magnesium...

Nearly 80% of the population is deficient in Magnesium. And we believe the reason is due to lack of education on what Magnesium does and its essential role in the body. So we've made it our mission to provide Magnesium "edu-tainment" -- entertaining educational content as well as provide a solution with our magnesium supplements designed to reduce muscle cramps and improve your energy and sleep.

Since 2005, Jigsaw Health -- "The Magnesium People" -- has been developing science-based dietary supplements with a focus on Magnesium featuring Sustained Release Technology (w/SRT®), which controls the release of active ingredients so absorption can happen over time. 

MagSRT® by Jigsaw Health is America's #1 Time Release Magnesium with over 1,000 five-star Amazon reviews (five times more than the second closest brand) and clinically shown to increase Magnesium in the body.*

MagSRT® was evaluated in the Scottsdale Magnesium Study (SMS), a placebo-controlled, human clinical trial of 91 participants.  The study measured Serum Magnesium, Red Blood Cell (RBC) Magnesium, and Magnesium Deficiency symptoms.  The results are published in the peer-reviewed Journal of the American College of Nutrition (JACN). 

Quality Statement

Every batch of our supplements is triple-tested, and the lab results are posted online for all to see. We believe that what's on the label is what should be in the bottle, and nothing else. 

History of Compassion

Jigsaw Health was started by Pat Sullivan (father) and Patrick Sullivan Jr. (son). Pat struggled on and off with various health challenges for over 30 years. Fatigue, insomnia, gastro-intestinal problems and depression. All difficult to overcome. But along the way, he found answers and saw the benefits magnesium can have for sleep and energy as well as helping with muscle cramps.

"Figuring out causes of my own health problems always felt like solving a puzzle. Thus the company name, Jigsaw Health." - Pat Sullivan

The Jigsaw No-Hassle Guarantee

We love our magnesium supplements and other products, and we think you will too. However, if you are unsatisfied for any reason, please contact us and we will gladly refund 100% of your purchase. It's our 90-day, no-hassle, money-back guarantee.  

(And we don't even make you send the opened bottles back...after all, what would we do with a half empty bottle of supplements? ;-)

We have an Affiliate program for online health coaches.  And we also have a Wholesale Discount program for Healthcare Professionals.

The Founders

pat-sullivan.png Pat Sullivan - Product Formulator & Co-founder of Jigsaw Health; "The Idea Guy." More about Pat Sullivan...
patrick-bio-v3.jpg Patrick Sullivan Jr. - CEO & Co-founder of Jigsaw Health; Designer; Guitarist; ASU Sun Devil.

The Team

patrick-bio-v3.jpg Natalie Ochoa, CHC, RCP-C - Director of Operations; Certified Health Coach; Root Cause Protocol Certified; Team Mom; Yogini; Boy Mom.
patrick-bio-v3.jpg Ryan Zacher - Director of Finance; Fantasy Football League Manager; Bean counter.
patrick-bio-v3.jpg Ashley Leroux - Business Development Manager; Singer & Song-writer; Band Manager.
patrick-bio-v3.jpg Cory Malkin - Director of Video Production; Arizona Native; Alfred Hitchcock Expert; USC Trojan-Fight on!
patrick-bio-v3.jpg Tarra Weems - Happiness ambassador; Product Specialist; Nurse in training; Rockstar mom of 3.
patrick-bio-v3.jpg Julie Warta - Marketing & Events Coordinator; Professional Online Shopper. Small Town Girl!
patrick-bio-v3.jpg Katie Dos Santos - Marketplace Manager; Product Specialist; PDX Native; Green Thumb; Dog Mom
patrick-bio-v3.jpg Carissa Kalos - Quality Control Specialist; DIY Pinterest Mom of girls; Certified Holistic Nutritionist; Certified Kickboxing Instructor.
patrick-bio-v3.jpg Christian Kalos - Graphic Designer; Nursing Student, Netflix Connoisseur
patrick-bio-v3.jpg Ryan Johnson - Audio Engineer; Likes music
patrick-bio-v3.jpg Megan Pennington - Administrator of Magic; Aussie Dog Mom; Libra; Certified Yoga Instructor; Musical Chair Champion
patrick-bio-v3.jpg Taylor Erwin - Customer Happiness Team; Product Specialist; Real Estate Baron; Mancala Prodigy; Advocate for Snow
patrick-bio-v3.jpg Johnny Kalos - Customer Happiness Team; Product Specialist; Exercise and Wellness (BS); Vertical Jump Ninja; Master of the Rubik’s Cube; Jiu Jitsu Connoisseur
patrick-bio-v3.jpg Rob Melendez - Warehouse Operations Manager; Abe Vigoda Fan Club Member.
patrick-bio-v3.jpg Cody DeLisa - Warehouse Associate; EMT; Phoenix Native; Pun Master Extraordinaire (Self-Claimed)
patrick-bio-v3.jpg Jesse Maldonado - Warehouse Associate; Ambassador of Goodwill; Sagittarius/Monkey; Middle Sibling of 7; Volleyball Enthusiast
patrick-bio-v3.jpg Zach Romero - Warehouse Associate;
patrick-bio-v3.jpg Dana Malkin - Lead Web Developer; Arizona native; USC Trojan, Volleyball Enthusiast

The Business and Scientific Advisory Board

DISCLOSURE: Advisory Board members receive compensation for their time and expertise. While each member recommends Jigsaw Health products to their patients, followers, friends, etc. (it would be weird if they didn't), no member is paid any sort of "commission" or "kick-backs" directly related those recommendations.

On a personal note, I'll say that it has been an absolute pleasure getting to know, to learn from, and collaborate with each of these amazing people. I am proud to call them advisors!  -Patrick Sullivan Jr., CEO of Jigsaw Health

(Sorted Alphabetically) 
tom-aarts.jpg Tom Aarts CEO of Nutrition Business Advisors; co-founder Nutrition Business Journal; co-chair of NBJ Summit; 20+ year veteran in the health & wellness industry.
debra-brunk.jpg Debra Brunk, PhD - Founder of RADIX Nutrition & Wellness; PhD in Chemical Engineering, Biochemistry; Masters in Nutrition and Integrative Health; Kundalini yoga instructor. 
dr-chambers-thumb.png Keith Chambers, NMD - Founder and Medical Director of Chambers Clinic; Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine from Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine; MBA from Webster University; BS in biology & chemistry; member of the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians. He sits on the Board of Integrative Medicine at Banner Health.
thomas-v4.jpg Thomas Delauer - aka. "Mr. Mineral"; Fitness Author; Executive Body & Business Coach. Went from an out-of-shape 280lbs to 185lbs and on the covers of some of the largest health and fitness magazines in the world.
lance-dreher-arms.jpg Lance Dreher, PhD - aka. "Doctor Fitness"; Mr. America (1981); IFBB Mr. Universe (1981); and Professional Mr. Universe (1986); Diet Coach; Life Coach; Co-creator of #MuscleMonday video series.
bryan-eisenberg.jpeg Bryan Eisenberg - NYT Best-selling author; Online Marketing Pioneer; BA in Health and Nutrition Science. Recognized by eConsultancy members as one of the top 10 User Experience Gurus; IBM Futurist; selected as one of the inaugural iMedia Top 25 Marketers, and a Marketing Edge Rising Star Award winner in 2010.
drdennisgoodman.jpg Dennis Goodman, MD, FACP, FACC, FCCP - Director of Integrative Medicine at NYU; Author of "Magnificent Magnesium"; Board certified in cardiology, internal medicine, lipidology (cholesterol management), integrative medicine & cardiac CT. Consistently named as one of NEW YORK'S TOP DOCTORS; featured in the New York Times and New York Magazine.
steve-hanson.png Steve Hanson - The marketing mind behind international best-selling ingredients FloraGLO® (Lutein), Ester-C® (Vitamin C), MEG-3® (Omega-3), and others.  Over 20 years in the health & wellness industry.  Specialties include: Brand Development, International Business Development, Ingredient Branding, Co-Branded Partnerships, Advertising, Public Relations.
dan-lifton.jpg Dan Lifton, MBA - CEO of Quality of Life Labs; President of MayPro Proprietary & Branded Ingredients.  10+ year industry veteran with skills in management, sales, product development, finance, and venture capital.
arie-bio.jpg Arie Mittman, NMD - 2016 Graduate of Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine; Pain Relief Specialist; Scientific Investigative Researcher @ Jigsaw Health and one helluva dolly operator. ;-)
dr-yadu-bio3.png Yadu Moharir, PhD - Founder of Nutritional Consultants Unlimited; Chief Science Officer; NSF Auditor; Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) Expert; 30+ year veteran of the dietary supplement manufacturing industry.
dr-emily-parke.png Emily Parke, DO - Founder and Medical Director of Arizona Wellness Medicine; board certified in Anesthesiology and Pediatric Anesthesiology; trained in Medical Acupuncture; Specializing in Functional Medicine.
morley-robbins-bio-image-copy.jpg Morley Robbins, MBA, CHC - aka. "Magnesium Man"; Founder of Magnesium Advocacy Group; Founder of the Copernican Institute; Creator of The Root Cause Protocol.
dr-decker-weiss-v2.jpg Decker Weiss, NMD - Naturopathic Cardiologist; Founder of Scottsdale Heart Institute; Named a “Leading Physician in the World” by The International Association of Health Care Practitioners and the International Association of Cardiologists; Fellow of the American Society of Angiology; Senior Fellow and Director of Center for Health and Medicine at Artis Research International.

Where we are located

Located in sunny Scottsdale, Arizona.

Jigsaw Health is located on 9035 E. Pima Center Parkway, Ste 4, Scottsdale, AZ 85258.

Next time you're driving by the Butterfly Wonderland & Sea Odyssey off the 101, remember that Jigsaw Health is just across the freeway.

And if you'd like to drop by and say hello, or pick up your order, we're open Monday through Friday, 9 to 5. :)

Please Note: Google Maps puts the pin in the correct location, as you can see in the image below. But if you use Apple Maps on iPhone, the pin will be dropped just north of the building, on Pima Center Pkwy. Sigh...If you get lost, just call us at 480-951-0840 and we'll guide you in. :)