My Secret Morning Drink - An easy way to get 17g of Protein before 7am

My Secret Morning Drink

Did you know that when we wake up, our stress hormones (aka. "cortisol") are at their most elevated point?

And coffee on an empty stomach further elevates cortisol, putting stress on our adrenal glands...

We wake up in a mineral depleted state (aka. "dehydrated").

Therefore, it's important to hydrate & replenish soon after waking.

But if you're like me, you don't feel like eating a big meal before coffee... COFFEE is the priority.  (Am I right?)

That's why I created this "secret morning drink" for myself... it's my "pre-coffee fuel"... and it takes just seconds to make...

My Secret Morning Drink delivers:

  • 17g of Protein
  • 600mg of Potassium
  • 492mg of high-quality Sodium (as real salt)
  • 400mg of Wholefood Vitamin C (as acerola cherries)

All before 7am.

Here's how to make My Secret Morning Drink:

  1. Pour 4-5 ounces of organic, no pulp orange juice in a glass. (My favorite brand is "Uncle Matt's")
  2. Mix in a scoop of Jigsaw Adrenal Cocktail powder
  3. Mix in 2 scoops of Jigsaw Collagen Boost powder
  4. Stir it with a spoon (or Pro Tip: Use an electronic hand-mixer)
  5. Drink and enjoy the feeling of success first thing in the morning!  You're off to a great day!

How to make "My Secret Morning Drink" (Video) 

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Hope you enjoy My Secret Morning Drink!

Ashley Leroux Sullivan
CMO & Co-owner of Jigsaw Health

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