Why Buy from Jigsaw Health?

Answered by co-founder & CEO, Pat Sullivan...

Essentially, we've created the dietary supplements that I wished I had when I was suffering from chronic, recurrent illnesses. (You can read about my 30-year struggle in my book, Wellness Piece by Piece.) 

If you’re anything like me, two things drive your search for answers and solutions:

  1. You know your conditions are real (and you’re not the only one suffering from them).
  2. You know that "cause and effect" is a law of nature — there has to be a reason (or reasons) WHY your health went downhill. Therefore, there HAS to be a way to get better.

At Jigsaw Health, we deeply believe, and affirm, both these statements.

We understand that you’re searching for alternative health products that are based on sound science and that are effective for real people who’ve had your health challenges.

In my own search, I ended up with an entire roomful of mostly ineffective products. While I avoided the blatantly false, “miracle cure” products, I routinely bought supplements that seemed like they would be effective. However, most of them ended up doing nothing for me.

Through those (many) expensive lessons, I learned what to watch out for in the supplement industry. And I started to consciously look for only the highly absorbable and bio-available forms of nutrients being studied in the scientific literature. Then, as products proved effective — if I felt noticeably better from taking them — I added them to the “short list” of my arsenal to get (and stay) well.

Our 23 Products

The 23 products we sell at Jigsaw Health — compared to the hundreds, in some cases thousands, of products sold by most health food and vitamin companies — are the ones that made my personal list. They are the nutrients that worked in the labs AND worked to make a dramatic difference in my own health.

You might be wondering, "If these nutrients worked well, then why not just keep using those products?... In other words, why start your own supplement company?"

Well, I was frustrated. Many of the nutrients that worked for me were either very expensive, very obscure and hard to obtain consistently, or still had room for improvement in my opinion. (Some fell into all 3 of those problematic categories!)

And so was born my desire to provide these products — in the highest quality, most potent formulations possible — all from one easily accessible source so that others can find them too and start feeling better.

Product Guarantees

We understand that your end goal is to feel better. And our products have been designed and formulated to make a noticeable difference. However, if you are unsatisfied for any reason, we’ll let you return them for a full refund — shipping cost included. (It's our 90-day, hassle free guarantee.)

Our interest is to help you feel better, never to simply “move” product.

Service Guarantees

I have asked everyone in our company that works directly with customers to think of one thing when the phone rings or an email comes in: “Just picture yourself on the other end of the line and do whatever it would take to make you happy.” We can’t answer every question with a “Yes.” And we still make shipping mistakes from time to time. But simply stated, we always deliver superior service to you because our policy is “just make things right.”

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out and contact us.

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