Should I take Magnesium on an empty stomach? | #AshWednesday

Ash sits down again with Morley Robbins (aka. "Magnesium Man", and a member of  Jigsaw's Business & Scientific Advisory Board) to ask him, "Should I take Magnesium on an empty stomach?"

Spoiler alert: Generally speaking, no.  And the best time for most people is right after breakfast.

Watch the video for a few more insights from the beloved Magnesium Man. 

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- We're taking magnesium, we love it. We believe. We feel good. But do we have to take it with food, because I know some people just aren't breakfast people and they'd just rather wait til lunch to eat. And they want to know can I take this on an empty stomach? Or do you recommend it?

- The first thing I would say is, people need to understand that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Sorry.

- It still is?

- It still is. It hasn't changed its status. Eat breakfast like a king, eat lunch like a prince, eat dinner...

- Like a peasant?

- Like a peasant, yeah.

- Yes.

- Very good. I take supplements after breakfast. Why? Because I remember to.

- So that's your trigger.

- Yeah.

- When you eat, you take your supplements.

- Exactly.

- They go hand-in-hand.

- And so there's some situations where you get into, you're supposed to take supplements at the beginning and end of the day. Guess what happens? I always take them at the beginning of the day. I get distracted and very rarely take them at the end of the day.

- You take them all in the morning?

- Yeah, just about. There will be some that I'll take before bed, but it's just... First of all, I don't like to be a slave to this process. You know, I like to keep it simple, keep it easy. I think it's beneficial for the body to have the food, you're breaking down the food, and it's the most natural time for the body is to work with these minerals, and that would be the time to do it.

- That makes sense.

- Yeah, so.

- Okay, so really, it's up to you, but recommended with food for a lot of great reasons that you just pointed out.

- Yeah, and I would just really encourage people to rethink their start of their day. You know, I know America runs on Dunkin, I get that. But you gotta have something to go with that caffeine. It's really important.

- Magnesium.

- Yeah, and some food, too, yeah.

- Well, I'll tell you what, Morley. Thank you so much. And you know what, Magnesium Man, I think you need a cape, because that was super.

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