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It's the moment you've all been waiting for...After numerous customer inquiries, we are pleased to introduce our newest product, the Jigsaw Adrenal Cocktail™.

The NEW  Jigsaw Adrenal Cocktail™ is a unique formulation that combines Whole Food Vitamin C, Potassium Bicarbonate, and Redmond’s Real Salt® to support Adrenal Gland function.*

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What are adrenal glands and what do they do in your body?

Your adrenal glands are walnut-shaped organs that sit above your kidneys.

These "tiny but mighty" glands are essential to life and responsible for secreting a range of critical hormones like adrenalin, epinephrine, cortisol, testosterone, estrogens, DHEA, aldosterone and more (1).*

When you're faced with a great deal of stress, your adrenal glands become overworked, exhausted and dysregulated.

Why is Whole Food Vitamin C included? 

Vitamin C is critical for proper adrenal function. Not only is the highest concentration of Vitamin C found in your adrenal glands, but your adrenals depend on Vitamin C for the production of numerous hormones.

And, when you do not have sufficient Vitamin C levels, it can cause an excess release of the "stress" hormone, cortisol (2).*

Why are Redmond's Real Salt® & Potassium Bicarb included?

Redmond's Real Salt® is included because when your adrenal glands are taxed, sodium levels drop below normal and sodium starts to excrete through urine -- what's worse, it takes water with it, which could lead to a dehydrated state.

When your adrenal glands are taxed, they produce less aldosterone -- an important hormone that when not at optimal levels disrupts sodium balance.

Potassium reacts with the Whole Food Vitamin C to help lower cortisol levels. Cortisol is what is referred to as the "stress hormone" and rises when you're under stress. When your adrenal glands are overworked due to stress, it causes potassium levels in the blood to become disrupted (3).*

What are the signs that your Adrenal Glands are stressed?*

  • Bloating (water retention)
  • Heavy caffeine use
  • Stress
  • Low energy
  • Tired in the morning and more energy in the evening
  • Poor immune system
  • Cravings for salty foods 

Conveniently replenish and support your adrenal gland function with the  NEW Jigsaw Adrenal Cocktail™.*

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Wishing you wellness!
Team Jigsaw

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