How Much Magnesium Should I Take? (With Morley Robbins) | #AshWednesday

How much Magnesium should I take?

Morley Robbins (aka. "Magnesium Man") sits down with Ashley Leroux of Jigsaw Health to share advice on how much Magnesium to take, and how to tell if you've had too much. #AshWednesday

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- Okay, so Morley, another very popular question that we get is, how much magnesium should I take?

- A lot of advice and practitioners out there will tell you there's a fixed amount you're supposed to get, oh, you need 350, or you need 400, or whatever. But that doesn't really embrace the concept of stress, or the concept of where someone is in their physical build or whatever. The way I approach it is, you need a certain amount per pound body weight, and the formula's very simple. It's just, it's five milligrams per pound body weight. Or it's 10 milligrams per kilogram body weight for those Europeans who happen to be watching this. And the other thing you have to factor into that is, where are they in their magnesium burn rate? If you're in tax season, or if your wife just had a car accident, or you've got a crisis at home, or whatever it happens to be, you've got to be right mindful of, wait a minute, I've got increased magnesium burn rate, I better take more. And then the next question, the obvious question, would be, how do I know if I've taken too much?

- That's what I was gonna say.

- It's very simple. You monitor the bowel movement. You want your bowel movements to be formed and soft. If they get too runny, you've had too much.

- Okay. And then you just cut back?

- You just cut back. Now there's another rule of thumb that's kind of fun. You can monitor the moons on your fingers.

- Really?

- Yeah. And so the moons are supposed to be on the thumbs-

- Just down by the cuticle.

- Down by the cuticle, and on the first three fingers. You don't ever want to see a moon on your pinky, because that means you're about to have a heart attack.

- No pinky moons.

- No pinky moons, but what you want on your thumbs are moons about a quarter of an inch high, and on your fingers, you want them about an eighth of an inch high.

- Hmm.

- And we didn't actually know this until our clients started working with magnesium, especially with the Jigsaw product. People said, hey, my moons are coming back. And we're like, what? We were kind of stunned. And so we backed into it and did some research to discover that it's, there's evidence that there is a relationship between the magnesium and what's typically attached to the moons is energy, B12 metabolism, and just overall vitality.

- That's interesting.

- Yeah. But again, it goes back to what's magnesium's role? It's just to keep things moving.

- Okay.

- Yeah.

- Well, that makes a lot of sense. Thank you.

- You bet.

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