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Fasting & Autophagy | #ScienceSaturday

What is Cell Autophagy?

Thomas DeLauer breaks down the science behind Cell Autophagy and how it can be beneficial on the latest #ScienceSaturday

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- What's going on Jigsaw land? It's time to talk about recycling. Reduce, reuse, recycle. But in this case, it's something that's automatically happening inside your body, and it's happening every single day. But sometimes more than others. And it all depends, on what you're eating or what you're not eating. 

- So let's get down to the science. 'Cause when we're talking about fasting, there is so much nonsense out there right now. As fasting gains popularity, we're seeing a lot more just random people, starting to become self proclaimed experts in the world. And I've been talking about fasting for years, so this is definitely an area that's not really Greek to me. 

- No pun intended because what I'm about to talk about, is something called Autophagy. And Autophagy comes from Greek, ultimately meaning, self eating. So what I wanna talk about in this video, is how fasting and the process of Autophagy, help cells actually consume their own waste and utilize it, for a very powerful source of energy. 

- But I'm not just talking about fasting in this video. I wanna do a deep dive, in how the cells actually work and how Autophagy is actually measured. So first off, let me give you a very general breakdown of Autophagy, before I get into sort of the cellular make up. 

- Autophagy is simply this, cells are functioning with the survival of the fittest. Much like humanity, a cell is going to consume weak portions of the body. It's going to consume weak parts of itself, to ultimately make it stronger. I want you to think of it just literally, like survival of the fittest. 

- Those that are strong will consume those that are weak. And it's a natural selection, it's a natural process to make the world stronger and make the world more efficient. Well, as our bodies are adapting and evolving even more and more, our cells are becoming capable of consuming waste, or consuming functional materials that don't really have a function anymore, to ultimately better themselves. Its kind of a selfish thing, but it actually makes a lot of sense as we get down to it. 

- So let's talk about what is going on in the body. You see, your cells naturally degrade things that aren't gonna be used anymore anyway. This isn't Autophagy, this is a natural degradation. You see, we have these things inside of the cell, called a lysosome. and a lysosome contains lots of different enzymes, that ultimately break down all kinds of different things into waste. 

- I want you to think of the lysosome as sort of the colon of the cell. It's functional, it's important, but we're not ultimately reabsorbing a lot of energy from the colon. You see, the colon continues to break things down and it passes things through as waste in our human body. 

- Well, the lysosome is sort of the same way. Continues to break things down, sometimes gives a little bit of energy, but for the most part, it's just breaking down and further degrading proteins and other things that aren't used anymore, like organelles. But what ends up happening with Autophagy, is slightly different. 

- You see, Autophagy is actually happening because we have an increase in what are called, Autophagosomes. Autophagosomes, are vesicles that travel throughout our cell that scavenge and eat these potions of the cell and proteins that are totally useless. This way it catches them before they ever end up in the lysosome. If they end up in the lysosome, they end up just being ultimately utilized and excreted in a different way. 

- But if these Autophagosomes increase, then it allows the cell to be able to use them for energy. So these Autophagosomes are basically like soldiers, that run throughout the cell trying to find proteins that are starting to get weak. And it laser targets them, and it says, "You're starting to get weak." "I'm gonna take you and I'm gonna eat you right now." 

- So this happens naturally, but there are some instances where Autophagy increases. Where we have more of those soldiers and more of those Autophagosomes running around the cell. The more those Autophagosomes that are running around the cell, the more of the cellular recycling that we have going on. 

- Now I want you to envision this, when we're young, our cells are vibrant. Our cells are working efficiently and we're multiplying cells like crazy. But as we start to get older, our cells aren't multiplying quite as much. Until we eventually die, and we're eventually not multiplying cells anymore. 

- So what happens is because we're starting to lose cells, we do need to make sure that our cells become a lot more efficient. So, although Autophagy doesn't create more cells and it doesn't stop us from losing cells, it does make the stronger cells, even stronger. So as the weaker cells continue to die, the stronger cells begin to increase in Autophagy and get stronger. And it's up to us, with our diet and with our exercise, to ultimately do the right things, to increase that Autophagy so that those cells can be stronger and we can live longer and feel more youthful. 

- That's why people that fast a lot end up looking a lot younger than they actually are. Simply because the cells that are operating in their body, even at an older age, have gone through a lot of Autophagy processes, to ultimately create very vibrant, strong, efficient cells that operate very cleanly. 

- So in this case, let's look at a study. The study that is really, really interesting when it starts to break down Autophagy and fasting. So this study took a look, at measuring Autophagosomes. Remember, the vesicles that go around throughout a cell, eating the wasted particles or the slowly starting to degrade particles, okay? 

- Now, it's really easy to measure Autophagy. Because your level of Autophagy simply increases when your level of Autophagosomes are up. So it's actually very easy to measure. You just measure the level of Autophagosomes. Well, what this study found, was that after just 24 hours of fasting, Autophagosomes increased by 300% in the cells. 300% and then after another 24 hours, they increased another 30%. 

- So, 300 to 330% increase in the cellular recycling that's happening in your body. Simply by not consuming food for a short period of time. This goes to show that we can really get our bodies to get into this recycling mode. And we can get them to actually increase the level of Autophagosomes, that go around consume proteins and wasted particles. 

- Now, I want you to think about this for a second. If we have an up regulation of Autophagy that's occurring in the brain, we have a high level of neuro protection that's occurring. What does that mean? That means that these Autophagy is causing the cells in our brain, to become more powerful. Therefore, protecting us from Alzheimer's, protecting us from dementia, and potentially even protecting us from a lot of different cancers. 

- If we have down regulation of Autophagy, meaning we have less Autophagosomes going on in the brain cells. We end up having an influx of disease, and influx of neurodegenerative diseases. Again, we're talking about things like depression, we're even talking about Alzheimer's and dementia again. All these things are now being linked with the cell's ability to recycle. And we can simply fix this, if we just listen to our bodies and restrict our calories from time to time. 

- The more calories that we're constantly putting in, the more our bodies have to clean up, and the more Autophagosomes we would ultimately need, to counteract that. I'm not saying that you completely starve yourself or you go on a seven day fast all the time. But if you implement little periods of fasting now and then, you can have a huge effect. 

- Now let's talk about fat loss in Autophagy, because this is where it's really cool. If we have an up regulation of Autophagosomes in the liver, we actually increase what's called lipolysis. Lipolysis is the utilization of fats and fat burning. Lipolysis is just a fancy way of saying burning fat. 

- So we basically are encouraging the liver to get more efficient at burning fat. Simpy because we have an up regulation of Autophagy, and the cells are getting rid of the waste. It's like getting rid of all the garbage in the trunk of your car, so your car can go faster. It's pretty darn awesome. 

- Now if we have a down regulation in the liver, we end up accumulating toxins within the body. We end up not having as much glutathione, which ultimately allows us to detox. And we end up slowing down the fat burning effect. 

- So again, it's not to say that you need to fast every single day. But Autophagy is this unique process and there are a multitude of other ways that we can increase Autophagy and I'll talk about them in some other videos. But in this case, I wanted to give you the basic cellular breakdown. And to surmise, it's simple. 

- We don't want everything to go into the lysosome of the cell. We want these Autophagosomes to travel around the cell as much as possible and we want as many of them as possible so that we can ultimately clean up the waste, and have the cell operate cleanly. 

- Some of the other ways that you can make sure that Autophagy is occurring in a good way in your body, is making sure that your vitamins and minerals are in balance. And one of the first things that goes out of balance in our human bodies, especially in the western diet, is our minerals. So click on the link and learn a little bit more about how Magnesium SRT from Jigsaw, can help change your life and help boost your detoxing process so that you can be the best you. I'll see you soon.

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