Dr. Decker Weiss - Peace Possible™ | #AshWednesday

Dr. Decker Weiss shares more stories from his Medical Deployment to Refugee Camps in Senegal, Africa and how Jigsaw Health's products are making an impact worldwide. 

He also discusses how he created his Non-Profit, Peace Possible™

Learn more about Peace Possible™.

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- [Ashley] Hi, I'm Ashley Leroux and I'm here with Dr. Decker Weiss today to talk about a non-profit organization that he has started called Peace Possible™. About a year and a half ago, we had a conversation with you, as Jigsaw Health, and we're wondering how we could potentially give back to some of the amazing things that you were doing and we started donating product. I know you just got back from doing some work over in Africa and I'd love to hear a little bit more about that.

- [Decker] Well, about three and a half, four years ago, I joined a think-tank out of Oxford called Artis Research. Social Scientists, Economists, people dedicated to solving intractable conflict, areas that have always been at war. And one of the constant issues is the radicalization of refugees. 

- [Decker] So they brought me in as a physician to start looking at why people in refugee camps are radicalizing. And so I launched this idea of dual research medical mission where I get in, just see as many people as I can, but I also get samples to find out about that population. But, what do I need for a non-profit? I need the natural products that help these people. Natural medicine always seeks to add in prevention. So, to create a natural medicine based, medical NGO, it can't just be go in, treat and leave.

- [Ashley] Right, you have to leave them with stuff and have them continue to take. 

- [Decker] Yeah, and you can't make the population worse. If you go in and do nothing but pharma, and you give them nothing but cipro for every infection, then their guts are bad, then their likely to drop serotonin and it adds to this problem. Now you go in and you're helping restore these levels using probiotics instead of all antibiotic, or at least with it. I like the silver products, you know, things like that. The thing is to get that population self sufficient...

- [Ashley] Right.

- [Decker] on that soil. They want to go work one day and they want to study for university and they want to have lives. That's what those folks want, but if you have a 10 year old or 11 year old that can't sleep, has never learned to read, they jitter all night, they cry all day, what adult is that gonna make?

- [Ashley] Yeah.

- [Decker] And with your help, we are changing it. These kids, when they're holding your medicines, they're smiling. They don't smile when they get antibiotics or when they get shots for cholera. You know, and look, that's a little unfair, but they like the taste, they know that this makes their belly feel good.

- [Ashley] Yeah.

- [Decker] And the mom's know it too. They pick it up very, very quickly so you're just watching these mothers that have 10 kids per house that they're managing. They've always got an infant on one arm, they're doing something, whatever, and you see them in far less pain from simple electrolytes.

- [Ashley] It's amazing.

- [Decker] But, I shouldn't say simple, I mean really good electrolytes. But, it meant everything in the world, and to the viewers I just want to say this. When I go to Jigsaw Health and I'm ready to go to Africa or Iraq or to these places, they basically always say the same thing, "how much do you need"? And they don't say no. Jigsaw Health has made a community very far away, but doing very important things, a lot better.

- [Ashley] Well, it warms our heart to be able to be part of it, to be able to help out and thank you so much for being the legs on the ground, the one that goes over and takes all this medicine and helps these communities because that's what it really takes too. So, thank you! And, we will see you guys next time.

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