Do Animals Need Magnesium? | #AshWednesday

Morley Robbins (aka. "Magnesium Man") discusses the importance of Magnesium for Animals with Ashley Leroux of Jigsaw Health on the latest #Ashwednesday

Find out more about Morley Robbins and the  Magnesium Advocacy Group.

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- Do our pets need magnesium?

- I mean, we take it, we feel great. We know we need it. Do our pets need it?

- All living forms need minerals. But animals especially need magnesium. When you're in a situation, and an animal needs to calm down or needs to have energy, of course they're gonna need magnesium.

- So what kind of, how do you supplement your animals with magnesium?

- You can use mineral drops in water. That's probably the easiest way to do it. 'Cause there's a magnesium bias to mineral drops. Many of our clients have found that if they are in a process of getting their supplements out, and they leave them on the counter, and they go to do something else in the kitchen, they'll come back and the supplements are gone.

- Oh really?

- Because the cats--

- The cats'll eat 'em.

- The cats and the dogs know, they can smell how good they are. They thrive on minerals. They are instinctive--

- I don't know why they wouldn't.

- Right, but they're drawn to good nutrition. I don't know why humans can't do that, but dogs and cats figured it out pretty quickly. And so yeah, you can put it there. The easiest way to do it is just put it in their water.

- Yeah, you can also wrap a supplement tablet in a piece of cheese or something like that. That works really well.

- And what's interesting is, when you think about what's one of the jobs of a pet, it's to help you de-stress. So what a great thank you to them, express your gratitude, make them healthy, so that they can help us be healthy.

- I love it.

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