An Update on the Jigsaw Magnesium Study | #AshWednesday

UPDATE: Ashley and Debra Brunk, PhD, discuss some surprising results from the Scottsdale Magnesium Study, measuring Mag w/SRT® bioavailability (results to be published later 2017) in the latest #AshWednesday

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-Hi everybody, I'm Ashley with Jigsaw Health, and today I'm here with Debra Brunk, a PhD in chemical engineering and biochemistry.  She's also part of Jigsaw's scientific advisory board.  So, Debra tell us how you first found out about Jigsaw Health.

-Well, I was attending a conference in Portland, Oregon last year, and I was offered a couple free bottles of Mag SRT to become a practitioner, um, subscriber.  And I did that and tried those out.  I was pretty happy with those.  And then I ended up moving down here to Phoenix.  So I looked you up and saw you had a Scottsdale address, and got in touch with Patrick.

-So you realize, hey we're neighbors, and I love their Mag SRT.


-So Debra, you're one of the authors in the forthcoming Scottsdale Magnesium study.  A study that Jigsaw Health is funding to study the absorbability and effectiveness of Mag SRT.


-Yes, so how did you become involved with this?

-Well I came in at about the perfect time.  Um, the study was basically completed and I was asked to take a look at the data.  So pulling on some of my old, you know, PhD stuff, I put all the data together, did a summary and then wrote up, um, the findings in a paper that we're submitting for peer review.

-So you're basically like the forensic person that goes in for quality control at the end.

-Kind of, yeah, and just understanding everything that all of the numbers telling us and trying to parse it out and be as clear as possible.

-Got it.

-Cause you get a lot of, you get a lot of information in these studies.

-Absolutely.  So I know you can't give us specifics since the study has not been published yet.  But can you share with us on of your more interesting findings, uh, in general as you went through your process?

-Sure, I think one of the things that really stuck out to me was that the group taking the Mag SRT, uh, had a reduction in symptoms that was 5 times that of, um, the folks taking the placebo.

-So, some people that only took placebo actually had effects, too?

-Yeah, they did.  I mean, and that's pretty normal.  You see that, um, you know, just because people are taking a pill and involved in a trial,


-They're like, oh I'm feeling better. So, um.

-Your mind is powerful.



-Exactly. And so, you know, when you're doing this type of test, you're looking for 1 and a half to 2 times better performance than a placebo.

-That is exciting.

-It's exciting.  And it was, um, I think surprising.  I think we'd expected to see that the results would be better, but 5 times is a, is a great number.

-Wow, OK, so that's just one of the things that has been discovered so far.  We hope that the study is going to be published by the end of this year.


-And we're super excited about that because, um, we know that there's some really good stuff that's in there so thank you so much for tuning in, thank you Debra for being here, and we will see you next week.

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