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5 Silent Factors Robbing Your Body of B Vitamins...

5 Silent Factors Robbing Your Body of B Vitamins...

B vitamins are vitally important to many bodily functions such as energy production, metabolism, mood, hormones and nervous system function.*

Every cell in your body needs B vitamins every second of the day.

Unfortunately, there are several factors that deplete these critical nutrients*...

  1. Refined sugar and starches demand B vitamins to metabolize and convert into energy.*
  2. Alcohol quickly depletes B vitamin stores in your body.*
  3. Caffeine is a diuretic and causes B vitamins to be flushed out of your body at a faster rate.*
  4. When your body is under stress, it utilizes B vitamins to cope rapidly depleting these nutrients.*
  5. Certain medications can leach onto B vitamins in your body and interfere with proper utilization.* (1)

So, be sure you are eating a diet rich in B vitamins (meat, leafy greens, eggs, yogurt and avocado are great sources). And consider adding a  B complex supplement to your daily regimen.

BUT, Buyers Beware...

Not all B vitamin supplements are created equal. Here's 2 things you need to look for when shopping for the best B vitamin supplement:

  1. Look for the "active" forms of B vitamins so your body does not have to convert them in your liver. Most B vitamin supplements use the cheap, inactive forms and are poorly absorbed and utilized.*
  2. Best absorbed if taken in a sustained release form so your body has a constant stream of B vitamins throughout the day.*

For these reasons, we thoughtfully formulated the top-selling Jigsaw Activated B w/SRT® to provide you with only the active, bioavailable formsof B vitamins combined with our proprietary Sustained Release Technology (w/SRT®) so your getting asteady release of B vitamins over 8 hours.*

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Sources: 1) "What Are the Vitamin B Robbers?" Healthy Eating | SF Gate. SF Gate, n.d. Web. 09 Jan. 2017.

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