What is 5-HTP w/SRT®?

Serotonin, also known as The Happy Chemical, is the key hormone that stabilizes:

  • Mood*
  • Feelings of well-being*
  • Happiness*

5-HTP (5-Hydroxytryptophan) is an amino acid our body uses to produce Serotonin.* 

5-HTP  naturally helps your body maintain a stable mood, sleep better and have a healthy response to stress.* 

But not all 5-HTP supplements are created equal...

Most people end up taking many doses during the day, in order to maintain the serotonin-boosting effect, because 5-HTP metabolizes quickly and leaves your body before it can do much work.*

Thankfully Jigsaw created  5-HTP w/SRT (Sustained Release Technology), which allows the %-HTP to be gradually absorbed and converted where it is most needed... in the brain.*

Get the most our of your 5-HTP with Jigsaw's 5-HTP w/SRT!

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