Morley Robbins' Magnesium Series [VIDEO]

Ashely Leroux of Jigsaw Health sat down to discuss Magnesium with  Morley Robbins, MBA, CHC - aka. "Magnesium Man"; Founder of the Magnesium Advocacy Group; Founder of the Copernican Institute; Creator of The Root Cause Protocol.

Morley Robbins (aka. "Magnesium Man") discusses the role of Magnesium in the body (hint: It's the "Conductor of the orchestra.") with Ashley Leroux of Jigsaw Health.

Morley and Ashley share advice on how much Magnesium to take, and how to tell if you've had too much. 

Morley discusses the likelihood of getting enough Magnesium through diet alone with Ashley. 
It may be possible, but is it probable?

Morley discusses the importance of Magnesium for kids with Ashley of Jigsaw Health.

Ash sits down again with Morley to ask him, "Should I take Magnesium on an empty stomach?"
Spoiler alert: Generally speaking, no. And the best time for most people is right after breakfast.

Dr. Liz (Morley's wife) discusses the importance of extra Magnesium for women during pregnancy with Ashley Leroux of Jigsaw Health. According to Magnesium researcher Mildred Seelig, "Pregnancy is a Magnesium-deficient state."


Morley discusses the importance of Magnesium for Animals with Ashley Leroux.