Magnesium: A Detox Gem.

The wonders of magnesium continue...

Here's 3 ways magnesium supports a healthy detoxification process:

  1. Magnesium (specifically the malate form), binds to heavy metals such as aluminum or lead and excretes them from your body (1).*
  2. Magnesium supports healthy bowel movements to remove toxic waste from your body.*
  3. Magnesium is an important cofactor to your entire liver detoxification process to eliminate harmful toxins from your body (2).*

Jigsaw Mag w/SRT® is an effective and convenient way to get the magnesium your body needs. And, the SRT® (Sustained Release Technology) allows for proper absorption -- slowing down the release of magnesium over 8 hours instead of dumping it in all at once, causing unwanted side effects.

Sources: (1) "Exploring The Benefits of Malic Acid." The Healthier Life Exploring The Benefits of Malic Acid Comments. Agora Health Ltd, 3 Dec. 2001. Web. 24 Oct. 2014. (2) Bradshaw, Graeme. "The Liver & Detoxification (Part 2)." Integrated Nutraceuticals Limited. INL, n.d. Web. 20 Feb. 2017.

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